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4 Irresistible Fruit and Chocolate Pairings You Must Try

August 3rd, 2021

A fruit and chocolate pairing is a classic dessert combination that transcends time.

These popular dessert ingredients have one of the highest numbers of sweet dishes and flavour profiles across the globe and rightfully so! The intensity and silkiness of chocolate serve as a stark contrast to the fresh and refreshing taste of fruit and together, they’re a marriage made in heaven.

The unique flavour notes of milk, white and dark chocolate are greatly complemented by certain fruits to create luxurious tastes.

That said, whether it is for a culinary pursuit or if you’re simply on the lookout for amazing gourmet chocolates with fruit, we’ve got just the thing for you.

With our immense experience working with unique chocolate pairings at Melt, we know all about the different fruits that complement this delicious treat. We’ve put together a list of amazing and irresistible fruit and chocolate pairings that are sure to appeal to every palate.

So without further ado, let’s get started!

1. Mango And Passion Fruit With Dark Chocolate

Fruit and Chocolate Pairing; Melt's passion fruit mango chocolate

Mango and passion fruit are tropical ingredients with zingy and distinctive tastes. The sourness of passion fruit or the sweetness of mango, when combined with the intensity of dark chocolate, elevates the flavours for a unique profile.

Although white chocolate is considered the standard pairing for these fruits due to its subtle taste, dark chocolate is the perfect choice if you’re looking for something bolder.

Given the high cocoa percentage, dark chocolate, mango and passion fruit make for a unique and advanced flavour pairing that is definitely worth trying out.

If you’re looking to taste this fruit and chocolate pairing, Melt’s Passion Fruit And Mango Chocolate is the perfect choice for you.

2. Soft Orange Slices And Dark Chocolate

Melt's orange slices dipped in dark chocolate

Chocolate covered strawberries have been one of the most popular desserts of all time. In fact, this fruit dipped in chocolate is considered to top the list of best dessert combinations.

However, a close contender to this is orange slices dipped in dark chocolate.

The lure of dark chocolate is always strong; add soft confit orange slices to the mix and it becomes an indulgent and blissful creation.

Orange and chocolate have always been iconic, however with the various new methods and techniques gone into combining the two in the best way, you need not settle for something simple.

If you’re looking to try out this delectable treat, our Orange Slices dipped in Dark Chocolate is the perfect choice for you. Place your order for this delicious treat today!

You can also consider trying our Orangettes and Orange Dark Chocolate Bar.

3. Zingy Raspberry And White Chocolate

Another irresistible fruit and chocolate pairing is that of raspberry and white chocolate.

While raspberry is known for its tartness, white chocolate is known for its subtle sweetness and when combined together, the flavours balance each other out to create a smooth and luxurious flavour profile.

Whether it is a simple chocolate bar or a brownie, when combined with raspberry, these ingredients are so versatile that they can be used across several different sweet dishes. The most popular use of this pairing is for a creamy cheesecake.

From a raspberry drizzle over white chocolate to a mascarpone, there are several delicious desserts that you can try out with this combination.

4. Blackcurrant Ganache And Chocolate

Fruit and Chocolate Pairing; Melt's Alice blackcurrant cake

Blackcurrants have a tarty and earthy taste similar to that of berries. Due to this acidity, they pair exceptionally well with chocolate. Although this is one of the lesser popular fruit and chocolate pairings, the flavour profile that they both create is simply stunning and definitely worth trying out.

The best way to combine blackcurrant with chocolate is by creating a smooth ganache. Whether it is for a browniemud pie or any other dessert, this combination works really well.

You could also consider using a fresh blackcurrant compote to make the most of the sour taste of this fruit.

Melt Chocolates – Your One Stop Destination For Treats With A Fruit And Chocolate Pairing

While fruit and chocolate is without a doubt one of the best pairings in the dessert world, there are many more incredible options for you to try out.

From our sugar-free and vegan chocolates to our bar and chocolate and nuts collections, there are many delicious options available for you.

So what are you waiting for, place your order today at Melt today!



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