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4 Quirky Items You Can Make Out of Chocolate

September 7th, 2021

The cacao seed has so much more to offer than a simple bar of chocolate that you might be unfamiliar with. However, in order to get these quirky chocolate ideas, you need to indulge yourself in some creative brainstorming to make a unique recipe of your own!

Not only that, it is equally important to know that experimenting with chocolate can be an absolute success and at the same time, if not experimented correctly, it can turn out to be an absolute disaster.

At Melt, we want you to experience the finest of the experiences in the world of luxury chocolates and that is why we have curated a list of quirky chocolate ideas that you can try for yourself.

Before we dive right into these ideas, our expert insight on one of the properties of chocolate is mentioned ahead. This insight will not only help you understand this offering of taste and luxury in a better way but also help you curate genius and perfect recipes for yourself.

Let’s see how!

Moulding Chocolate the Right Way

Quirky Chocolate Ideas; Different kinds of chocolate placed in a circle.

Generally, chocolate is considered to be versatile in terms of moldability.

However, when it comes to getting glossy finishes and a melt-in-your-mouth consistency, it’s important for you to keep practicing the technique. That said, make sure you are at it day and night to become the successful chocolatier that you desire to be!

Not only that, to achieve a desired form of chocolate you need to know the correct ‘tempering’ method wherein you have to cook the chocolate in a certain way for further processes.

What this means is that the end result will then allow you to mould, sculpt or set chocolate according to what is required in your quirky chocolate recipes.

Now, let’s look at how further you can flex your creativity and make these unique items out of tempered chocolate!

1. Chocolate Pasta

Chocolate isn’t just for the people with a sweet tooth but also for those who love indulging in savoury dishes.

How, you ask?

quirky chocolate ideas; chocolate pasta placed on a white plate

The answer lies in our cocoa beans. This is because one form of chocolate that comes out of it, the cocoa powder, can do wonders for your savoury dishes like pasta.

The unsweetened cocoa powder can give a moorish flavour to regular pasta and bring out its flavours even more.

2. Chocolate Pizza

A confusing yet impactful burst of flavours could be this combination of chocolate and pizza for your taste buds.

It might confuse your taste at first.

However, when you try pairing this layer of chocolate over the pizza base with toppings of your choice, like marshmallows and white chocolate shavings that replicate cheese on it, you will soon realise that it is one of the best inventions in desserts of all times.

3. Chocolate Spoons

Imagine a spoon made of chocolate inserted in a cup of hot chocolate, slowly immersing and melting into the mug while you stir it.

quirky chocolate ideas; spoon made out of chocolate

The drool that will drop when you lift it will give you the utmost satisfaction of having had a perfect cup of hot chocolate. Moreover, this will also reduce the extra washing of utensils that no one admires.

Lastly, you can try using chocolate spoons with your regular, piping hot cup of coffee to add a ‘mocha’ taste to it – you’ll be surprised to see that chocolate spoons can simply turn your recipes from ordinary to extraordinary.

4. Chocolate Leaves

When you are looking for an autumn based decor for your desserts and cakes, try using edible chocolate leaves for a natural finish.

While making chocolate leaves, all you have to do is layer melted chocolate over washed and dried leaves, and leave them to set. Once the chocolate has properly set, you will see that the green leaf comes off of it easily giving you a chocolate leaf with delicate intricacies replicated from the natural one.

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Having said that chocolate is versatile in regards to its moldability, you have the liberty to experiment with it in all sorts of creative ways.

With a wide range of decadent chocolates readily available for you to experience, we, at Melt, have curated gourmet options and luxury subscription boxes for your convenience!

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