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5 Delectable Chocolate Desserts That Soothe Your Soul

March 2nd, 2021

When it comes to delectable desserts, chocolate has always had a special place in everyone’s heart. Acting as the go-to comfort food for many, chocolate in all its glory is simply unbeatable.

While many scrumptious cocoa inventions and creations appeal to different palettes, there are a few classic chocolate desserts that soothe your soul.

From gooey chocolate brownies and mud-pies to decadent trifles and lava cake – these desserts are not only universally liked but also serve as favourites amongst people of all ages.

That said, at Melt Chocolates, with our expertise on all things chocolate, we have prepared a list of delectable chocolate desserts that are soul-soothing and timeless classics. These desserts deliver amazing flavours with a generous side of comfort, making them the best that the dessert world has to offer.

Without further ado, let’s take a look!

1. Fudgy Chocolate Brownies

A popular baked chocolate dessert that is enjoyed across the globe are brownies. Whether you’re a toddler, an adult, or a dessert connoisseur, brownies in all their flavours and sizes appeal to almost everyone.

Melt's classic brownie, one of the best delectable chocolate desserts

The versatility of this dessert is perhaps one of its greatest strengths – it can be used in its original state as a pick-me-up comfort food or can be elevated by using crème anglaise or raspberry coulis to make it all the more special.

That said, Melt’s warm and fudgy chocolate brownies or vegan sugar-free brownies serve as a healthier alternative to this classic soul-soothing dessert.

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2. Sublime Mud Pies

Although mud pies are a denser and chocolatier version of brownies, the texture difference makes them a truly unique and sublime dessert.

Melt's sublime mud pie, a dense chocolatey version of brownie

The sticky and salty interior of these mud pies serve as a stark contrast to the decadent chocolate; this flavour combination creates a unique chocolate flavour profile that only serves to enhance the dessert.

Slightly similar to brownies, these decadent mud-pies can be enjoyed on their own or paired up with ice-cream for an even better dessert experience.

3. Dark Chocolate Mousse Cake

Made up of the ultimate chocolate trio – cake, mousse and ganache, dark chocolate mousse cake is a rich dessert that’s every chocolate lover’s dream.

The various textures of this delectable chocolate cake work in harmony to create a stunning treat – the moist cake, fluffy and light mousse, and decadent ganache serve as the perfect dessert combination.

Whether you whip this up in your home or purchase one from professional chocolatiers, this dessert is the ultimate comfort food that is sure to leave you happy and warm.

4. Chocolate Trifle

Although mainly considered an English Christmas treat, chocolate trifle works as a great dessert any time of the year. Trifles are easy to make and personalise, making this flavourful sweet treat a popular dessert.

While trifles can be prepared a few hours before your meal, having them ready a day before can increase their flavour impact. For a more decadent and rich trifle flavour, consider adding brownies and fresh cherries.

Melt's Best Sellers, one of the best range of delectable chocolate desserts

5. Molten Chocolate Lava Cake

Molten chocolate lava cake is an impressive chocolate dessert that is relatively hassle-free – with the gooey centre filled with rich liquid chocolate, these delectable chocolate desserts soothe your soul.

Made up of basic ingredients like butter, eggs, sugar, chocolate and flour, these molten cakes can be easily prepared. While the gooey centre may be slightly tricky to get right, the right temperatures according to your ramekins will ensure that the cake stays oozy in the middle.

A delicious dessert that melts on your plate (and mouth), a molten lava cake can be paired with fresh flavours like a raspberry compote or orange zest for an enhanced flavour profile.

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