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5 Divine Spice And Chocolate Combinations Everyone Should Try

June 22nd, 2021

Spice And Chocolate combinations are highly underrated! Although it is universally acknowledged that chocolate on its own is an amazing treat, timeless and suitable for all ages, with the addition of the right ingredients, the flavour can be magnified, making it more scrumptious and memorable than before!

From increasingly popular sea salt to unusual ingredients like porcini and chocolate, there are different combinations that chocolate connoisseurs love. However, out of all the various chocolate pairings that we come across there’s one classic combination that has remained popular – spice and chocolate.

Whether it is a decadent cup of hot chocolate with a pinch of chilli powder, an Aztec chocolate bar, or perhaps a cinnamon and chocolate bonbon, the amalgamation of spices and chocolate have always been a delectable treat for many.

With this in mind, at Melt, we’ve put together a list of some divine chocolate and spice combinations for every chocolate lover to try out.

Without further ado, let’s take a look!

1. Chilli

Spice and Chocolate combination; Melt's Chilli Dark Bar placed on a white marble surface

The Mayans discovered how well chilli and chocolate go together and since then, the popularity of this combination has only increased. The sweet and spicy flavour profile of these two ingredients work harmoniously, to create an intense and delicious taste that leaves every palate wanting for more.

This skillful blend of the spice from the chillies and the richness of cocoa creates a unique flavour that works well across sweet and savoury dishes. Another great example of the deliciousness of this unique combination comes from the Aztecs, as mentioned before.

If you’re looking for the perfect chilli and chocolate bar, try out Melt’s Chilli Dark Bar for intensely fiery flavours.

2. Sesame

Spice and Chocolate combination; Melt's Sesame And Tahini Bonbon

Sesame is an ancient spice, used worldwide for various purposes. Its seeds and oil are used almost on a daily basis in many kitchens, making it a common household ingredient.

The mild and nutlike flavour of the sesame seed combined with chocolate creates a combination that’s simply sublime. This makes sesame seeds a popular ingredient for many chocolate desserts and recipes.

Our Sesame and Tahini Bonbon combines this spice and chocolate combination to create a delicious and indulgent treat. To get your box of delicious bonbons, place your order today!

3. Ginger

Spice and Chocolate combination; Melt's Yuzu and Ginger Chocolate

Ginger is an extremely versatile ingredient that is used for all kinds of savoury and sweet dishes. However, the taste of ginger is complemented well by chocolate, making it one of the best spice and chocolate combinations.

The delicate flavour of ginger balances out the intensity of the chocolate and creates a stunning mixture of tastes. Additionally, the various health benefits of ginger when paired with healthy chocolate, make it a guilt-free treat perfect for those who are looking to cut down on sugar.

If this combination sounds appealing to you, consider trying out our Ginger sticks and Yuzu and ginger chocolate; it will definitely leave you wanting more.

4. Nutmeg

Two different sized nutmegs placed on a wrinkled cloth over a flat surface

Known for its warm and nutty flavour, nutmeg is another spice that serves as the perfect accompaniment to many sweet and savoury dishes. Ground nutmeg has a warm and aromatic flavour that can instantly elevate any dessert or ingredient, and chocolate is no exception.

While nutmeg is popular amongst many homemade hot chocolate recipes, it also goes well with several chocolate desserts. From dense brownies and fudgy mudpies to tarts and cookies, nutmeg is used to elevate the flavour of many sweet creations.

Additionally, for dessert connoisseurs who love cooking with chocolate, nutmeg serves as one of the best toppings!

5. Cinnamon

Cinnamon sticks placed on a flat surface with a jar spilling cinnamon powder placed next to it

The sweet and woody taste of cinnamon makes it another spice that goes exceptionally well with chocolate. Although slightly sweet, the woody flavour is more prominent and has a subtle yet noticeable impact on every dish it is used in.

From cinnamon rolls and cookies to brownies and hot chocolate, this spice can lift the flavour profile of any sweet dish and make it more scrumptious. While many use it during the cooking process, cinnamon can also be sprinkled at the top of the finished dish to give it a little extra depth and flavour.

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