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5 Nuts That Go Well With Chocolates

May 19th, 2021

When it comes to the perfect combination, there are few things that beat the crunch of nuts paired with delicious chocolates.

Moreover, in the confectionery realm, chocolates and nuts are considered soulmates (more like a match made in heaven!) and at Melt we’re no different!

While these crunchy sweet treats have proved to be a popular choice for hundreds of years, not all nuts give you the same delicious results when paired with chocolate.

At Melt Chocolates, we’ve been working in the confectionary world for over a decade and our professional chocolatiers know exactly the nuts that go well with chocolates.

That said, in today’s blog, we’ll be guiding you through the different nuts and chocolate combinations, as well as some of the luxury treats that we offer.

Before that, let’s understand…

Why Are Nutty Chocolates So Delectable?

Deliciously moreish, when it comes to the best chocolates with nuts, one can never be enough. However, the real question here is – why are these treats so irresistible?

Well, to get to the bottom of this, we delved a little deeper into the realm of food science and did some research of our own.

Nuts that go well with chocolates; block of Melt's pistachio blonde bar

In a nutshell (pun intended!), the research revealed that our taste buds tend to love when contrasting flavours are used in food. The sweetness of chocolates combined with the saltiness of nuts is every taste buds dream. What’s more, this phenomenon also has a scientific name to it – ‘Dynamic Sensory Contrast’.

So, the next time you indulge in a box full of nutty chocolates, blame your taste buds!

Nuts that go Well with Chocolates – Our Top 5 Picks

It’s been proven that the best chocolates with nuts are prepared in confectionery heaven!

However, with so many nut chocolates available on the market, it can be difficult to figure out which type of nut you want in your sweet treat. Luckily, we’re here to help.

In this blog, we’ve put together the top five delicious nut chocolate combos. From cashew and macadamia to almonds, we’ll provide you with a scoop on all those nuts that pair really well with dark, milk and white chocolate. We’ve also included some of the chocolates that we offer.

Before you read on, be warned – by the time you reach the end of this guide, you could be left with some serious nutty sweet treat cravings!

1. Chocolates with Hazelnut

Delectably indulgent and creamy, the combo of chocolate and hazelnut is nothing less than a heavenly dream.

What’s more, since hazelnuts are naturally mellow and sweet, when you pair them with chocolate you can easily create a luxurious goodness that warms your taste buds. From chocolate-covered hazelnut slabs to chocolate hazelnut gianduja, this is a beloved combination that’s used in countless appetising treats.

Nuts that go well with chocolates; Melt's milk chocolate hazelnut slabs

While milk chocolate is considered to be the best companion to hazelnuts since their creaminess can offer you a unique velvety texture, they are also often coupled with dark chocolate.

This is because the bitterness of dark chocolate along with the nut’s creaminess creates an exciting edge, making this pair a tasty treat.

2. Chocolates with Walnuts

The rich sweet flavour, nobbly texture and satisfying crunch of walnuts paired with the chocolate’s smooth texture and sweetness is undoubtedly a lip smacking combination.

The best part about walnuts is that they can also be paired with coffee – and when these three ingredients are put together, magical things are bound to happen. Put simply, the smooth bitterness of coffee, sweetness of chocolate and crunchiness of walnuts can give your taste buds a delicious experience.

To indulge in the goodness and deliciousness of these chocolates, place your order at Melt today!

3. Chocolates with Almonds

One of the best chocolate covered nuts, almonds have always been a popular choice when it comes to sweet treats – only people who’ve had the pleasure of indulging in almond dappled chocolates can understand why.

Since these nuts have a neutral flavour and can balance out the sweetness, they pair incredibly well with chocolate.

Melt's almond and chocolate bar

Offering a satisfying crunch and salty, sweet, heavenly sensation to every chocolate creation, almonds are the most delightful when combined with dark or milk chocolate. They’re equally tantalising when paired with salted caramel.

Why not head to our website and browse through our collection of delicious sweet treats?

4. Chocolates with Macadamia

The crunch and creaminess of macadamia combined with the smooth texture of chocolates is enough to make your mouth water.

Given that macadamia has a buttery texture and subtle sweetness, it’s one of the best nuts to go with chocolate – when paired together, they’re sure to bring you a gorgeous and scrumptious choco creation.

5. Chocolates with Pistachio

An underrated gem in the confectionary realm, pistachios are known to be highly compatible with chocolates irrespective of whether it’s dark, white or milk chocolate.

Offering a green hue to the end result, pistachios can make any chocolate look divine. What’s more, you can also use them in brownies for extra crunch!

Melt's milk chocolate and pistachio gianduja terrine

If you haven’t yet tried this delicious combo of chocolates and pistachio, then head to our website and order our milk and pistachio gianduja terrine today… you can thank us later!

Order Our Nutty Chocolate Creations from Melt Today!

Now that you know about the various nuts that go well with chocolate, why not browse our full range of nutty chocolates?

From hazelnut and almond chocolate bars to pistachio blonde bars, you can find an array of creamy, nutty chocolates that are all made to be sumptuously velvety and mouth-watering!

The best part about our nut and chocolate creations is that they’re a perfect balance of both cocoa and an enticing hint of nuts. Moreover, along with being the most indulgent purchases, these chocolate goodies are an ideal way to spoil your loved ones.

If this guide has left you with serious nutty cravings, then order from your favourite luxurious chocolates today!



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