Bean-to-Bar Melt Course

Make your very own Chocolate bar. Work with our world class chocolatiers to create your very own

Make your own personal bar of chocolate - Bean to Bar. our world-class chocolatiers will guide you through all the steps from the raw cocoa bean to your very own unique bar of chocolate. This is a unique experience in London. Melt is following its highly rated, 5 star Chocolate bonbon course with the ultimate chocolate experience - Bean to Bar. The process is a beautiful, immersive, informative and interactive course of turning the raw cocoa beans, through winnowing, roasting, refining/ and tempering to the final stage of eating. Enjoy making your very own chocolate bar.


This is a complex and not well-understood process. Our world-class chocolatiers will guide you through each step. Firstly you will sort the cocoa beans and then roast them. After the beans cool down - you will crack and winnow them. Once you have produced the chocolate nibs you will then need to refine the chocolate to turn it from rough chocolate to refined chocolate via a grinding process. After the chocolate reaches the correct micron level of particle size. - You can taste it at each stage to see how the taste of the chocolate changes and develops over time. This journey releases different flavours notes which can be dramatic. - Finally, you will have produced chocolate. The next stage is really beautiful - think of a diamond - one of the hardest substances known to man - but transparent. Light shines through it. This is because the carbon structures are completely aligned - it is the same with chocolate, tempering aligns the crystal structure in a similar pattern and uniformity. Once tempered - you will pipe or mould the chocolate into your very own beautiful bar.

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