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Our Small Guide On Easter Celebrations Across Europe

March 22nd, 2022

For many of us, Easter means painting eggshells in pastels, putting together baskets and perhaps even an egg hunt. 

Easter has always been about celebrating with family and friends with the addition of delicious chocolate Easter eggs. While many of us have followed the tradition by adding our own tweaks, this special day is celebrated differently across Europe.

Since Easter is a Christian holiday, this day is observed prominently in areas where the religion is prevalent. However, every country has their own way of a special Easter tradition that is unique.

Since Easter is just around the corner, our experts at Melt Chocolates have curated a blog on the best Easter celebrations in Europe that gives us a look into the way this special day is celebrated across the continent.

Let’s take a look!

1. Celebrating Easter In Britain

Best Easter Celebrations In Europe; Melt's Sugar Free Milk Chocolate Easter Egg

Easter Sunday is celebrated across the UK by many families and while it may not be particularly religious, there are many fun activities that people participate in that let them make the most of this special day.

People usually get together with their family and friends to enjoy a home-cooked meal and organise fun egg hunts in their garden. Additionally, exchanging chocolate Easter eggs is also part of the celebrations. 

From a mini egg assortment to vegan and sugar free Easter eggs, there are several incredible choices available at Melt, perfect for gifting your loved ones.

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2. Easter Celebrations In Spain

Best Easter Celebrations In Europe; a nest of Easter eggs

Known as Semana Santa in Spain, Easter celebrations go on for an entire week with extravagant processions across the country. However, there are many religious elements that are part of the festivities.

From religious parades to floats displaying stories from the Bible, the celebrations are bold and eye-catching with details that reflect religious elements, making it one of the best Easter celebrations in Europe.

Additionally, there are also delicious treats involved to ensure the celebrations are all the more sweeter!

3. Celebrating Easter In Germany

people sitting around a bonfire

The next country on our list of the best Easter celebrations in Europe is Germany. While the traditions and festivities may differ from place to place, lighting bonfires is the traditional way to indicate that Easter celebrations have started.

Communities and towns celebrate this day by holding festivals with stands selling sausages, wine and other treats near the bonfire. The day before Good Friday is known as Gründonnerstag and Germans usually eat something green on this day.

However, the other treats include spiced bread, cakes and several other sweets that enhance the celebrations.

4. Easter Celebrations In Italy

Easter eggs placed all over the ground

With Italy’s huge Catholic population, it’s no surprise that the day is followed religiously by a majority of the people. 

To begin with, the Pope leads an important mass on Good Friday which is attended by many people during which a crucifix made of burning torches is pointed towards the sky. However, there are several non-religious elements which include people dressing up in attire belonging to the 15th Century and hosting a live explosive show. Sounds fascinating, doesn’t it?

With several other treats and sweets that are part of the festivities, Italians have without a doubt one of the best Easter celebrations in Europe.

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