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Our Top 4 Festive Chocolates That You Can Have All Year Round

October 26th, 2021

Festive chocolates are without a doubt some of the best chocolates out there. Whether it is a delicious box of Christmas treats or Halloween candy, these chocolates are simply unparalleled.

With Christmas soon approaching, there may be quite a few festive gourmet chocolates on your mind that you’re looking to treat yourself with. However, why wait till Christmas when you can have these delicious chocolates right away?

At Melt Chocolates, our chocolatiers have prepared some of the best festive chocolates of all time that you can have all year round. We’ve put together a list of our best festive chocolates that will appeal to every chocolate connoisseur out there.

So without further ado, let’s take a look!

1. Red Reindeer Chocolate Advent Calendar

best festive chocolates; Melt's red Reindeer Chocolate Advent Calendar

From luxe milk chocolate pralines to indulgent almond chocolates, if you’re looking for bite-sized treat that remind you of Christmas, our Red Reindeer Chocolate Advent Calendar is the perfect box of Christmas chocolates that should be on your list!

We all know that pralines are a popular confection that are loved by many. When paired with flavours like orange, spices, raspberry and more, these delicious cocoa treats are simply scrumptious.

For those looking for unique chocolate flavour options that stay true to the celebration yet have stunning flavour profiles, this box of 24 delicious chocolates is an excellent choice.

Another great box of festive chocolates that have delicious pralines is our Halloween assortment gift box. Place your order for these delicious treats today!

2. Christmas Crackers

Melt's Christmas Crackers

When you think about the best festive chocolates of all time, our delicious Christmas crackers certainly fit well on the list. The very definition of celebration chocolates, these Christmas crackers have surprises hidden inside that everyone is guaranteed to love.

Each cracker comes with a selection of three delicious chocolate bonbons, a hat, a snap, and a motto. Since chocolate bonbons are another delicious confection that is popular across the globe, these luxurious crackers are a must-have.

With flavours that include a dark gianduja, Christmas spiced milk chocolate, and white chocolate with cranberry, your flavour palate will have a celebration of its own when you gorge on these delicious treats.

3. Halloween Bar Trio

best festive chocolates; Melt's Halloween Bar Trio

If you’re looking for something more adventurous and perhaps a bit spooky, our Halloween bar trio is definitely something you should try. This trio includes three bars from our delicious bar collection with flavours that are simply out of this world.

Our Chilli Dark Bar with Vanilla and Chilli combined together in delicious dark chocolate takes you to the world of Aztec flavours. The Toast And Marmalade Bar is a combination of milk chocolate with soft confit orange that is a quintessential British classic. 

Lastly, the Orange Dark Bar with a cocoa percentage of 70% is a delicious and sophisticated flavour profile that will always remain a classic. These three put together in our Halloween Bar trio, serve as some of the best festive chocolates of all time.

Our Halloween Spooky Assortment and Bat Lollipops are great alternatives that you could also consider treating yourself to. 

4. Christmas Chocolate Hamper

Melt's Christmas Chocolate Hamper

If you wish to go all out with the festive chocolates, our Christmas Chocolate Hamper is downright indulgent and delicious, the perfect choice for all chocolate lovers.

This indulgent treat includes our top bestsellers – from our Christmas bar and Hazelnut slab to our lip-smacking hot chocolates, caramels and Orangettes, this hamper is a party of its own.

Whether you choose to gift this to someone or keep it to yourself, these gourmet chocolates with their incredible flavours are sure to make anyone’s day all the more special.

Visit Melt For Incredible Festive Chocolates And Gourmet Treats

To try out the best festive chocolates and other delicious treats, at Melt, you’ll find amazing flavours and profiles that not only mature your palate but also let you experience the best of chocolates.

From our amazing bar collection to our vegan and sugar-free chocolates, we have a wide selection of incredible chocolates for every occasion.

Well then, what are you waiting for? Place your order for delicious Melt chocolates today!



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