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BESTSELLING Chocolate and Nut Collection

April 15th, 2024

Melt’s Bestselling Chocolate and Nut collection

Melt Chocolates has just introduced the best chocolate and nut selection to our range this year. Consisting of delicious chocolate-covered nuts, as well as incredible nut-filled chocolate bars with a praline-like paste inside. This bestselling chocolate and nut collection is made with only the very best ingredients. No additives, no palm oil, low sugar, and whole roasted nuts! Each bite of the large chocolate-covered nuts feels decadent and fresh, like plucking it right from the tree.

Hazelnuts coated in milk chocolate with praline dusted in cocoa powder

Chocolate Bars with Nuts

One of our new products is the nut-filled chocolate bar selection! Including a collection of nut flavours such as pistachio,
hazelnut, and almond. Each bar is filled with a nutty, crunchy praline which adds a texture and saltiness that pairs beautifully with the creamy chocolate.

Whether you like milk or dark we have, the pistachio dark chocolate bar, or the hazelnut milk chocolate bar. One sophisticated and one for the sweeter tastes. However, we put the flavour of the nut first. None of our chocolate and nut bars are too sweet. The natural earthiness of the nut is the most incredible flavour of all.

Chocolate and Nut Full Range Selection

If you can’t get enough chocolate and nut flavours, we have our full range available to buy together packaged into our incredible Book of Chocolate and Nuts.

Melt Chocolates has a created the perfect Botanical book filled with delicious nut and chocolate pairings so that friends and family can taste the beauty and richness of the natural world. This is a hefty amount of chocolate, with eight 90g bars of chocolate, totalling 720g of chocolate, almost a 1kg!

A chocolate box which is shaped like a book and it is filled with chocolate bars with botanical drawings on them, inside them are chocolate and nut bars, pistachio, hazelnut and more




Milk chocolate bars with nut flavours pistachio and almond

Macadamias covered in dark chocolate vegan friendly



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