Chocolate lovers- Cocktail and Chocolate Pairing Night

A delicious combination of chocolate tasting and Melt's own original cocktails. You will taste the world's best chocolate wearing blindfolds to heighten the chocolate flavors. This allows you to enjoy the taste of good chocolate and savor the amazing taste of it melting in your mouth. You will also learn how to create two unique and delicious cocktails. We will teach you how to taste chocolate properly. The talk will allow you to taste lots of the world's best chocolate in a beautiful boutique in the heart of Notting Hill. This talk combines amazing chocolate tasting whilst also learning about the fascinating history of chocolate. We will teach you how to taste chocolate and let it melt on your mouth. The very origins of Melt Chocolate. We will taste some amazing single origin chocolate from some of the finest chocolate estates in the world. We will then celebrate this amazing Mexican culture with three unique cocktails - the Pisco Passion, the Melt Margarita, and the Aztec Revenge. You will also get a goodie bag filled with chocolate to take home at the end of the day! Location: 6 Clarendon Road, London. W11 3AA.

Pairing Chocolate and Cocktails - what is not to love. 

Chocolate has been on an incredible journey from a "gift of the Gods" to the modern chocolate bar. We want you to experience that journey by tasting chocolate from the wild Amazon and the best single origins estates. Melt wants people to learn about the chocolate revolution and how to put the chocolate back on its spiritual pedestal. Think of a fine wine - like a Chateau Lafite and that gives you an idea of what the best chocolate taste like - not the Ribena that most of us eat. 

Tasting chocolate through time and learning about the story of the Aztecs is fascinating. We want you to celebrate this amazing civilization - both with chocolate and chocolate - cocktails. Mexico has a rich history of cocktails with Tequila and Margaritas. Melt has developed three new ones of our own -which feature in a new Cocktail book. The Pisco Passion, the Melt Margarita, and the Aztec Revenge. We will teach you how to make these amazing cocktails in the heart of Notting Hill, one of the world's great urban environments. Join us on our passion with chocolate and celebrate this rich Aztec civilization with two new and unique Cocktails - which you will love.


Melt will take you through the history of chocolate while tasting how it has evolved from the bean-to-bar. Travel through time by tasting chocolate at all the key turning points on its evolution from the Aztec's raw cocoa to the sophistication of the Courts of Europe. From Aztec chocolate with chili and vanilla to modern bonbons made by Melt Chocolates. The history will focus on the "discovery of chocolate", it's used as an aphrodisiac in 17th Century Venice by Casanova. Finally the modern chocolate entrepreneurs and their invention of the bar and milk chocolate. Melt is delighted to offer you the opportunity to properly taste Chocolate. Learn about the origins of chocolate in Mayan and Aztecs civilizations.  How chocolate was discovered by the Europeans and the impact this clash of civilizations had on both societies - sometimes described as the greatest event in history.


Episode I


The impact this clash of civilizations had on the World - sometimes described as the greatest event in history.

Taste: Chocolate Nibs, Chocolate & Chili

Episode II

European Chocolate

Then we move to 17th Century Venice to discover the story of Chocolate and Love.  How Casanova and the Courts of Europe developed a passion for chocolate and how its belief as an aphrodisiac drove its popularity.

Taste: Hot Chocolate, Gianduja.

Episode III

Entrepreneurs and Chocolate

Finally, we understand how entrepreneurs in Switzerland and the UK developed chocolate into the modern products we know today. How milk chocolate was first developed and the very first chocolate bars.

Taste: Milk Chocolate, truffles and Melt's Chocolate Bars

Drink fantastic cocktails that are unique to Mexico


Course Details

  • Length: 2.0 Hours
  • Price: £45.00 per person
  • Location: 6 Clarendon Road, London W11 3AA. Holland Park Station.



  • History of Chocolate - its discovery
  • Chocolate and Love
  • Learn to Taste chocolate
  • Tasting (sometimes blindfolded) Chocolate from key moments in History
  • Create three original chocolate cocktails the Pisco Passion, the Melt Margarita, and the Aztec Revenge

What we will provide

  • All the delicious chocolate
  • Video and Music - using multimedia to bring the experience alive
  • How to taste and Blindfolds
  • location in our beautiful chocolate boutique
  • Cocktails

You will also get a goodie bag filled with chocolate to take home at the end of the day!

Usually, these are private classes but please bear in mind when someone books on the same day and hour as someone else we will be joining both groups together. If you have any specific requests contact our office on 0208 354 0850.

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