Chocolate Makes you smart
"Chocolate is cheaper than therapy and you don't need an appointment” "Chocolate makes everybody smile - even bankers”  Strohecker Chocolate makes you smart according to some serious research on the power of chocolate.  Dr. Franz Messerli of Columbia University wanted to uncover the myths about chocolate.  He had heard that the flavanols in chocolate improve brain functioning. So "Dr Chocolate" did what scientists do: he produced a correlation which demonstrated that there is "an incredibly close relationship between chocolate consumption" and the "number of Nobel prize laureates per capita".  These findings were published in the New England Journal of Medicine, one of the leading medical journals in the world.  Chocolate consumption and Nobel laureates The BBC's More or Less team decided to check out this claim - performing a random test by calling up a few Nobel Laureates.  Christopher Pissarides, from the London School of Economics, reckons his chocolate consumption laid the foundations for his Nobel Prize for Economics in 2010. "Throughout my life, ever since I was a young boy, chocolate was part of my diet. I would eat it on a daily basis. It's one of the things I eat to cheer me up. To win a Nobel Prize you have to produce something that others haven't thought about - chocolate that makes you feel good might contribute a little bit. Of course it's not the main factor but... anything that contributes to a better life and a better outlook in your life then contributes to the quality of your work." Robert Grubbs, an American who shared the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 2005, says he eats chocolate whenever possible.  "I had a friend who introduced me to chocolate and beer when we were younger. I have transferred that now to chocolate and red wine. I eat chocolate whenever I can." Eric Cornell, who won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2001, told Reuters: "I attribute essentially all my success to the very large amount of chocolate that I consume.… dark chocolate is the way to go." Now we at Melt also think dark chocolate is the way to go but we are not saying correlation creates causation - but why take the risk?
Healthy Chocolate Thins
HEALTHY CHOCOLATE THINS The Melt chocolatiers have been busy in the kitchen developing a delicious treat, full of goodness. The recipes have taken a couple of years to perfect, but it was worth the wait.  We are delighted with our feel-good Healthy Superfood Thins.  in store now!   We're a pretty healthy bunch at Melt - we all love our chocolate and we all love our healthy foods - so it was a pretty enjoyable task to unite the two.   Our dark and milk chocolate thins are seasoned with super foods, healthy seeds and herbs such as fennel, popped quinoa, pumpkin seed and linseed.   Feel-good food!
Celebrate or Commiserate
Tacitus reports how the Britons would seek to escape Romans by walking into bogland until they were up to their necks in mud. Has history repeated itself?" * Melt's answer to that question is to immerse yourself in chocolate until we know the answer. For the Brexiters we have Rhubarb and Cream and Sea Salted Caramel bonbons to celebrate with.  For the Remainers we have Salted Fueillante and Pistachio and Marzipan Truffles to commiserate. The Choice is yours to either celebrate or commiserate. Either way chocolate should smooth the way. *Simon Crosby in a letter to the Financial Times
Fathers Day
Dad deserves the best! Father's Day is coming up, make it personal - paint a little picture, write a little poem or pop a cute photograph in the specially designed front pocket of our very delicious LOVE bar. 
New Wedding Favour Boxes
We are so thrilled to launch our Wedding and Party Collection. Chic boxes filled with two or four of our best selling, fresh chocolates. Prefect for Summer Parties, Christenings, Baby Showers and other celebrations.  It's all in the detail. Make sure your guest's go home with the most memorable little gift.  Our beautiful quality boxes are available in cream, duck egg blue or classic dark brown. Ideal for table decorations and any colour scheme. Adorable box of two fresh chocolates handmade by our chocolatiers in our Holland Park kitchen.
New Chocolate recipes
New Season - New Recipes Spring is finally here! In our Holland Park kitchen we have developed some lovely, light new flavours. Rhubarb + Cream Bonbon The rhubarb used in our is home grown in our garden - so this chocolate is a very limited edition! Peanut Butter Squares Last Season we developed some peanut butter bars that have been hugely popular.  This new recipe will no doubt become a firm favourite too! We handmake our own peanut butter - absolutely no palm oil or added sugar here, just 100% peanuts. Lime + Kaffir Leaf Bonbon is an unusual flavour which is fresh and delicate, perfect for the Spring. Dairy Free Caramel Domes These super rich caramels are incredibly satisfying and amazingly creamy - but no dairy has been used. A fabulous dairy free chocolate.
Chocolate is the answer...
Chocolate is the answer...
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Easter Eggxibition
Easter Eggxibition
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