Trick or treat?
Trick or treat?!
Coffee + Chocolate
Coffee + Chocolate
Melt Robin Lollipop
Don't get in a flap! Whether you have nearly finished... or have only just started Christmas shopping -  Melt has something for everyone. Make Melt you one-stop shop! All our chocolates are handmade in our Notting Hill and Holland Park kitchens "Melt is one of the smartest and most progressive chocolate shops in London" Financial Times - How to spend it"
Melt in your mouth Valentine's treat
Look fabulous for your Valentine's date with NUDE Skincare
Easter and the Royal Wedding with Melt
Easter and the Royal Wedding with Melt
Chocolate and Wine
My sister is a wine writer, she tastes wine almost everyday of the year, just as I taste chocolate. We have each come up with our top 10 tips for tasting and choosing wine and chocolate. Louise... 1. Check the ingredients, you want chocolate, not sugar. Although % of cocoa has no indication of quality, you should still generally choose 35% or over for milk chocolate and 60% or over for dark. 2. Eat little and often of the best quality chocolate you can find. Chocolate makes you happy and you deserve it every day. 3. There is no guilt to eating good quality chocolate. 4. Eat chocolate slowly. Use your tongue to push the chocolate to the roof of your mouth and let it Melt slowly – this will give you the opportunity to really detect the full flavour profile of the chocolate and is much more satisfying. 5. The only way to learn is to experiment. Try different brands of chocolate one after the other, and then again in the reverse order. Make notes. 6. Don’t be apologetic about liking milk chocolate – I love milk chocolate in winter and in the morning, dark chocolate in summer and evenings 7. Go on a mission to find fresh chocolates - those that have been made within the last week – they really are light years away from boxed chocolates in the supermarket. You will be overwhelmed! 8. Don’t buy cheap chocolate. Chocolate is not cheap, so what are you buying? or what does that mean for the farmer at the beginning of the chain? 9. Use good quality chocolate in cooking – it really does affect the end result. 10. Be informed, don’t be confused by the latest chocolate jargon. Pick up the basics of bean type, region, terroir. It is a fascinating subject and you will enjoy your chocolate even more. JENNY... Louise couldn’t have said it better. Reading through her list, exactly the same principles apply to wine. To draw the parallels, I have followed her paragraphs closely, just to make the point! 1. Check the ingredients. Sadly this is not yet the case with wine. Many people in the industry hope wine labelling will be mandatory as soon as possible. 2. Drink little and often, the best quality wine you can afford. Wine makes you happy and you deserve it every day! 3. There is no guilt to drinking good quality wine – release your inner geek. Follow approachable, highly knowledgeable writers like and 4. Drink wine slowly. Don’t just neck it back but think about it. It’s not sad to sit and sip on your own. I assess wine by myself then pass the glass to layman palate Hubs who is always annoyingly, effortlessly accurate in his one word quality assessment! 5. The only way to learn is to experiment. Try different grape varieties one after the other, or the same variety from different regions. Make notes. Don’t copy critics’ wine waffle. Just simple notes will do. 6. Don’t be apologetic about liking inexpensive wine – I love Portuguese, Argentine and South of France rosés for lunch and hot evenings. Yes, I’ll even drink pinot grigio – although from Trentino in Italy and pinot gris from Alsace. 7. Go on a mission to find different wines - those that have been made without chemicals. Visit the Natural Wine Fair this May at Borough Market 8. Don’t buy bogus discount wine. Wine is not cheap to make. It’s OK to buy some wine in the supermarket but support the independents more. One of the best in South Ken is 9. ‘Use good quality chocolate in cooking – it really does affect the end result.’ This is the only one I don’t follow! I have what I call chicken wines. Wines not nice enough to drink with but to tip onto a bird roasting in the oven. Pink wines work best. You can also cook with oxidised wine but not ‘corked’ ie TCA. To know the difference, you’ll just have to start some wine classes.. 10. Be informed, don’t be confused by the latest wine jargon. Pick up the basics of variety, region, terroir. It’s a fascinating subject and you will enjoy your wine even more. Find courses at all levels at So, you see, wine and chocolate are so similar after all. To conclude, a favourite ‘pairing’ from each of us – for me, (as a Mackenzie) a malt whisky like Bowmore and Melt’s 100% is pretty close to heaven. Louise...Melt Sea Salt Bar with Merry Widows Samling. Thanks for reading, find me and my consumer wine news at and on twitter at Read this far? you're in for a treat. 20% off any purchase in Ledbury Road or Selfridges, just show our lovely staff a printout of this newsletter or a version on your phone. Valid until end May!
Christmas Fresh Chocolates
Wishing you a delicious Christmas. Last chance to order and enjoy our fresh chocolates! Just made by our chocolatiers in our Holland Park and Notting Hill kitchens. *** Last date for guaranteed Christmas Delivery is Friday 18th by 3pm
Melt Christmas Reindeer Box
Give gorgeous gifts...give delicious gifts. Chocolate is the world's favourite food, so you can't go wrong with some divine, fresh chocolate, hand made by our small team  of chocolatiers. They are working like crazy right now in our Notting Hill and Holland park kitchens! Our wonderful Christmas box is filled with our best-selling fresh chocolate - the Salted Crunchy Square.  The box has an adorable Reindeer illustration by the lovely Brit Illustrator, Lisa Jones.
Unique Christmas Gifts
The Melt Bambi We have been making the adorable Melt Bambi since the day we opened. Each Bambi is handmade and hand painted by our lovely team of chocolatiers.  Every Bambi is unique! The Melt team of Chocolatiers are busy in the kitchen making some really gorgeous Christmas treats...all hand made in our Notting Hill and Holland Park kitchens. Fresh is best!
SOCKS + CHOCS GIFT SET  The Classic Christmas Gift. Shop now until Thursday 12pm and treat yourself to FREE delivery. Discount Code: socksandchocs We have collaborated with the lovely British textile design Catherine Tough, and have commissioned gorgeous bespoke lambswool socks that coordinate with our delicious chocolate bars. Choose your favourite colour combination! 4 Gift Sets available CHOCOLATE CHRISTMAS PUDDING ***A fun gift for all ages*** A thick milk chocolate shell creates a 'Christmas pudding', adorned with white chocolate, sugar paste holly leaves and berries.  Filled with our best selling crunchy feuillantine chocolates. Presented in our gorgeous, chic gift boxes. Handmade in our kitchen by our team of chocolatiers.