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Children's Milk & Raisins Bar

At Melt we believe in feeding the next generation the best quality and most delicious chocolate bars. All our bars are made by hand in small batches in our Notting Hill and Holland Park kitchens.

“Children have the potential to have sophisticated palates and we need to nurture their taste buds. We have a commitment never to dumb-down in terms of quality or taste”. Louise Nason, Founder – Mum of four young chocolate lovers.

Weight: 90g.
Ingredients Why Fresh is Better Delivery
Melt’s chocolates are freshly made in our Notting Hill and Holland Park kitchens by our world class chocolatiers. Because our chocolates are fresh, handcrafted and we use the best natural ingredients we can reduce the sugar content, artificial flavours, stabilisers and other chemical preservatives. This means our chocolates taste sensational-unlike chocolates you have tasted before. Fresh natural ingredients are best for taste and for your health. Freshly made, natural ingredients from London’s Most Luxurious Chocolate Company.
Environmentally friendly: Melt's Easter Eggs are completely plastic-free as we care about our environment and our oceans.  Gift a pristine ocean to our children by reducing single-use plastic packaging - Melt has been at the vanguard of this movement for over 10 years.

This product has a 1-year shelf life.

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Whether it's a macho thing, or whether people really want the full-on chocolate experience without any distractions - 100% is very popular. Without the interference of sugar, this chocolate is bold and strong and purple-brown in colour. An intense bitterness grabs the senses at first, possibly making you pull a face, then this fades into an afterburn of pure chocolate... Don't be life; it's always worth trying real chocolate. Weight: 90g.