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5 Incredible Chocolate Garnish Ideas to Enhance Any Dessert

April 19th, 2022

Chocolate is undoubtedly one of the most popular ingredients to be used in so many food and drink recipes.

With its unmatched versatility, it enhances every dessert, making them more appealing and indulgent. Even when it may not be the main ingredient, it works its magic as a garnish to completely elevate the dish.

Since chocolate can be bent, moulded or even painted, into different shapes and styles, there are various incredible chocolate garnish ideas that many desserts can use to enhance their aesthetic.

The experts at Melt have curated a blog that includes some of the best chocolate garnish ideas, which will take any dessert to the next level.

Let’s take a look!

1. Chocolate Lollies

chocolate garnish ideas; Melt's Children's Lollipop Course

A simple yet popular chocolate garnish idea that can be used in several desserts is a chocolate lolly. Since all you need to make this is melted chocolate and a few skewers, this garnish is easy to make.

To make chocolate lollies, place a few skewers on some non-stick baking paper and pipe your chocolate onto them by adding a dollop at the end of each stick. You can then draw a bigger circle around the dollop and fill it in with chocolate.

Whilst the round design is easier to make, you can also experiment with different shapes for something unique and perhaps consider this for your list of chocolate cake garnish ideas.

2. Chocolate Doodles / Drawings

piping bags filled with chocolate

A popular idea on every blog written on “how to make chocolate garnish” has one thing in common – chocolate garnish ideas that involve drawing. 

While this may sound a little challenging for those of us who are artistically challenged, it’s actually quite easy to do. All you need is a bar of your favourite melted chocolate, milk or dark, baking paper and a little imagination.

Lay your baking paper down on a flat surface and pipe your melted chocolate onto it in your desired design, doodle or drawing. If you wish to make your design more stylish, consider placing an illustration / drawing below your baking paper and then trace this with your piping bag.

3. Chocolate Honeycomb

chocolate garnish ideas; Melt's milk chocolate honeycomb

Our handmade chocolate honeycomb is a delicious treat that everyone loves. If you’re looking for dark or white chocolate garnish ideas, consider making your own chocolate honeycomb.

You can place a mould or some bubble wrap (yes, you read that right!) on a flat surface and pour your melted chocolate over it. Use a palette knife to flatten out the chocolate and refrigerate this so that it can harden. 

Once the chocolate is hardened, flip it over and carefully remove the bubble wrap or simply de-mould the chocolate and voila, your chocolate garnish is ready to be used!

4. Chocolate Paint

a chocolate shake

Used popularly, as it is one of the best hot chocolate garnish ideas, chocolate paint is another great idea to consider for your dessert. Depending on the type of plate, bowl or glass you might be using, you’ll need to find an appropriate brush to paint your chocolate with.

Edible paint is a huge hit as a garnishing idea for desserts, you can use melted dark, white or milk chocolate and just start painting. You can get as creative as you want with this and consider a single thick paint stroke or something more complicated – the choice is yours!

5. Fruits Dipped in Chocolate

strawberries with a chocolate dip

Lastly, one of the absolute best chocolate garnish ideas of all time is chocolate-dipped fruits. Strawberries and cherries have always been popular dipped in chocolate and used as a garnish for various desserts, including on brownies and mud pies.

Since fruits pair beautifully with chocolate and also add a lovely freshness to the rich cocoa, they can elevate the flavour profiles of any dessert. For this, all you need is a bowl of your preferred melted chocolate and your favourite fruits. 

Dip your fruit into the bowl of melted chocolate and take it out after a few seconds. Hold it over the bowl for a minute or two to let the excess chocolate drip off. Then place the fruit on the tray and pipe a criss-cross pattern on the fruit, along with some additional garnish like sprinkles to make them more aesthetically pleasing. 

Freeze them for some time, so that the chocolate can harden and then they’ll be good to go!

Melt – The Ultimate Destination for Gourmet Chocolates

These chocolate garnish ideas are the perfect way to make any dessert visually stunning, we guarantee it. That said, if you’re looking for the best luxury chocolates to indulge in without any work, Melt has got you covered.

With our extensive range of fresh, handmade chocolate, including chocolate bars, sweet treats and more, you can find the perfect chocolate for your palette.

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