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Chocolate Gift Ideas for Christmas 2022

November 28th, 2022

Chocolate Christmas Gifts

Melt Chocolates, London wants to help you with chocolate gift ideas for Christmas. Melt Chocolates is an artisan chocolate company based in Notting Hill, London. Christmas is one of our busiest times of year. From our many years of experience, and chocolate festivities we have put together a guide for gifting chocolate this Christmas.

Our chocolate is great for London gift ideas, as our most of our products can be ordered straight to your door via Deliveroo.

So lets get into it! What are good gifts for chocolate lovers? Chocolate of course!


Whether your gifting for a milk chocolate lover, dark chocolate chocoholic, sugar-free or vegan loved ones, we’ve got something for you all.


Christmas Gifts for each occasion

There are various different times to eat and enjoy chocolate during Christmas. You have the morning sweet treats of Advent Calendars, the cozy night of Christmas Eve, the excitement of morning stocking presents and finally all of the delicious Christmas meals. All of these stages of Christmas can be made even better with good chocolate.

For example, founder of Melt Chocolates, Louise Nason, places alphabet letter bar with the first letter of her childrens names in their stockings.

Personalised Chocolate Bar

So, in our guide for chocolate christmas present ideas we will go through each of the stages of Christmas, and which chocolates we would recommend.

Ideas for Stocking Stuffers


  1. Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Gianduja Terrine – £10.99

Firstly, this delicious soft hazelnut gianduja terrine is the perfect stocking present for those who love chocolate and nuts. The terrine is the perfect size to put into a stocking, and has a beautiful plastic-free packaging that will gleam gold in the morning light of Christmas. Bite into this chocolate bar and experience the heavenly taste of hazelnut chocolate or break off pieces to share around with loved ones.

Milk Chocolate and Hazelnut Gianduja Terrine Stocking Stuffer

Christmas Gift Gianduja Milk and Hazelnut Terrine


2. Love Crunchy Chocolate Bar£5.49

Show your love this Christmas with our Love milk chocolate bar. Handmade by our London chocolatiers, these delicious chocolate bars are with crunchy feuilletine. This Love Bar is a tasty treat to open on Christmas morning and to be enjoyed right there and then!

Love Crunchy Milk Chocolate Bar

3. Personalised Chocolate Alphabet Bars £5.49

Our beautiful selection of personalised chocolate alphabet bars are the perfect size to be placed into a stocking. Whether you want to spell out your loved ones full name, the first letter of their name or ‘I ❤️ U’, you will make their stocking just that much more personal.

Personalised Chocolate Alphabet Bars for Christmas present

Chocolate for Christmas Eve

So, it is Christmas Eve and you’ve stuffed your stockings full of chocolate. Now it is time to relax. The best way to do this is by drinking a delicious hot chocolate.

1. Hot Chocolate Hamper – £24.99

Designed for creating the perfect hot chocolate in the comfort of your own home. Create that divine molten chocolate sensation, our luxury hot chocolate hamper creates a rich, satisfying hot chocolate with our fine chocolate buttonettes and hot chocolate melt blocks using milk or cream. Be creative and season with vanilla or cinnamon sugar for a truly decadent taste.

2. Milk Chocolate Honeycomb£16.99

A delightful sweet treat to enjoy with your friends and family while watching a Christmas movie or sitting around the fireplace. We have a whole selection of Luxury Sweet Treats for those with a sweet tooth this Christmas.

Under the Tree – Christmas Present Ideas

Next in our guide Chocolate Gift Ideas for Christmas is the main event! Present giving time.


1. Christmas Chocolate Hamper– £54.99

Melt has put together a tasty selection of chocolate for your Christmas. Packaged in our gorgeous plastic-free hamper box, this Christmas hamper can be placed under the Christmas tree as it is, just waiting to be opened and enjoyed! Filled with delicious hazelnut chocolate slabs, tasty caramel treats, orangettes, hot chocolate blocks and an exclusive Christmas spiced chocolate bar – this hamper has got something for everyone.

Christmas Chocolate Hamper Gift Set


2. Fruit and Nuts Chocolate Bar Gift Box– £59.99

Next, this beautiful chocolate bar gift box can be wrapped up and placed under the Christmas tree. Filled with an array of delicious flavours like, milk chocolate and almond, orange chocolate, sea salt and many more! These bars have a long shelf life if they are kept in a cool, dry and dark place – like a present cupboard. So if you like to wrap your presents a couple of weeks beforehand, this chocolate bar gift box will keep perfectly well, waiting to be opened and enjoyed.

Chocolate and Nuts Chocolate Bar Gift Box

After-dinner Christmas Treat

After you’ve filled yourself up with tasty pigs in blankets, roast turkey and potatoes, you might not think you have space for pudding. You do! We assure you. However, chocolate is a good light pudding. Enjoy the burst of flavour from a chocolate truffle or orangette, without overfilling yourself.

1. Orange Slices – Dipped in Dark Chocolate – £19.99

Taste these confit orange slices and experience the surge of interesting flavours. Orange, maple syrup, tangy citrus flavour notes combined with a rich dark chocolate and cocoa nibs will take you on a sensory journey that is immensely pleasurable. The perfect Christmas Eve treat as you watch a movie the night before Christmas. Or share around with family and friends around the fireplace. The confit orange has a gorgeous texture like caramelised sugar – sticky, sweet and golden. So, take it slow and enjoy each dark chocolate orange slice.

Chocolate Orange and Chocolate Gift Box

2. Gianduja Chocolate Cake – £65.00

The Gianduja Chocolate Cake is the perfect chocolate gift to bring to a Christmas dinner party, to share around the table with friends and family. It is the perfect accompaniment to an espresso after dinner. With its generous size, you can cut a slice for everyone! The gianduja is sweet enough to satisfy milk chocolate lovers, but rich enough to satisfy those with a taste for high quality luxury chocolate.

‘Woman & Home loved our Gianduja Cake – modern, minimalist, sophisticated, the perfect accompaniment to an espresso after dinner an above all indulgent – a perfect description we think!’


3. Champagne Truffles Gift Box – £39.99 – £69.99

Melt Chocolate’s Champagne Truffles Gift Box contains luscious white truffles with a honeyed, intense Champagne flavour.  Crafted with a blend of milk & white chocolate and cocoa butter infused with Marc de champagne. As mentioned in Forbes magazine: ” The Champagne truffles and Passion Fruit hearts are both excellent fresh chocolate choices… The decadent white champagne truffles are crafted with a blend of milk and white chocolate and infused with Marc de champagne”.


We also have an option where you can Build your own Gift Box, personalised chocolate gift box. Choose 6 delicious flavours in order to complete this selection box.

Handcrafted by our world-class chocolatiers in Notting Hill. We use the best natural ingredients, reducing the sugar content, artificial flavours, stabilisers and other chemical preservatives. Handcrafted means it tastes homemade. Fresh means it tastes as good as freshly baked bread, baked right in front of you.

So, hope we have given you enough chocolate gift ideas for Christmas to last you through this winter season. Make sure to place your orders in time for Christmas, so that we can deliver all your tasty chocolate treats. You can even order our products via Amazon or if you live in London can be ordered via Deliveroo.


Dark Chocolate Vegan Hamper

Sustainable Christmas

Last year we were named one of the best Sustainable Advent Calendars of 2021 by
Country and Town House magazine for our plastic free, Notting Hill chocolate advent calendar. Sustainability is such an important part of our ethos, and we want to be pioneers in making Christmas plastic-free.

Melt Chocolate’s has been plastic-free since its foundation! Protecting the environment and the oceans is central to our story. All of our products are hand-wrapped in beautiful and environmentally friendly packaging. Christmas Chocolate Gifts and Calendars are no exception! We have eco-friendly policies throughout our small-business. Our chocolate is made without palm oil, we use 100% renewable energy and we handmake and package it in our boutiques in London, reducing food-miles hugely!

Christmas Chocolate Gifts FAQ

Can I give chocolate as a Christmas gift?

Yes! Of course you can. Of course a cheap, supermarket chocolate bar might not suffice. But a beautifully packaged chocolate hamper will be well received by any chocolate lover.

What are the best chocolates to send as a gift?

1. Handmade chocolate bonbons or truffles 2. Chocolate orangette gift box 3. Gianduja Cake 4. A luxury chocolate hamper. All available on the Melt website.

What can I put in a chocolate gift basket?

1. A selection of flavoured chocolate bars 2. Chocolate and hazelnut slabs 3. Oranges dipped in chocolate 4. Your pick of handmade chocolate truffles and bonbons

What do you get a chocolate lover?

Depends whether you have a dark chocolate lover or milk chocolate! For dark chocolate lovers - we recommend high quality, single-origin dark chocolate bars (70% cocoa and above). For milk chocolate lovers - we recommend chocolate and nuts, gianduja terrines, silky milk chocolate with hazelnuts. Also consider vegan and sugar-free options for chocoholics with dietary requirements.



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