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4 Chocolate-Themed Easter Activities for Kids

April 5th, 2022

Easter is a day spent with your family and friends, combined with several fun activities that let you spend quality time with all of them. 

On this special day, there’s one particular element that stands out, especially for the kids, and that’s chocolate.

Considered one of the most popular treats of all time, chocolate is the ingredient that makes every celebration all the sweeter. Chocolate Easter eggs are a special Easter treat that everybody enjoys and with so many incredible flavour combinations to choose from, what’s not to love?

Whether it’s an Easter egg hunt or putting together a fun Easter basket, there are so many activities that involve chocolate. If your kids are a big fan of chocolate (and let’s face it, who isn’t), we have a few fun ideas that you can consider for your celebration.

The experts at Melt have curated a list of fun, chocolate-themed Easter activities that your kids can enjoy taking part in.

Let’s take a look!

1. Decorate Your Own Easter Eggs

chocolate-themed Easter activities; Melt's Orange Easter Bunny: Paint Your Own

If the traditional Easter egg hunts have become a little repetitive, why not consider something different this year? You could add, decorating Easter eggs, to your list of chocolate-themed Easter activities to make your usual celebrations a little different.

Since this activity encourages your kids to do something creative and think outside the box, coming up with unique creations, it’s a great activity to try out. From something simple like painting the eggs to the more intricate craft-based ideas, you can get all the materials ready beforehand and join in with your kids making fantastic Easter eggs.

For something truly unique, you could consider joining our virtual Easter egg decoration class to create really posh Easter eggs. Book your slots with us today!

2. A Chocolate Scavenger Hunt

chocolate-themed Easter activities; Melt's Mini Egg Assortment

A great alternative to the iconic Easter egg hunt, a scavenger hunt is a more challenging activity that tests your creativity and skills. Add chocolates to this and the challenge becomes even more enjoyable.

Since this involves writing down clues that hint at the location of the hidden objects, you can make them Easter themed to enhance your scavenger hunt. You can hide mini Easter bunnies, handmade Easter eggs or a mini egg assortment. You could even consider putting together a fun personalised Easter basket as the ultimate final prize – the choice is yours!

After the hunt, the kids and adults can then indulge in Easter eggs and delicious treats, making it the perfect end to the day.

3. Make A Chocolate Filled Pinata

a white pinata with colourful decor

Dedicate an afternoon to making a fun, chocolate-filled pinata for your chocolate-themed Easter activities. Since there are several DIY pinata tutorials available online, you could make a simple pinata and then stuff it with your favourite luxury Easter eggs.

You can set the pinata up in a safe place in the backyard and then let the kids have a go at it. The laughter and joy this game will bring your kids is priceless, they’ll be beaming as the chocolate starts falling down!

4. Bake Easter Desserts

Melt's Mud Pies

When it comes to desserts, there are several ways of personalising them to make them extra special for a celebration. For Easter treats, there are many kid-friendly recipes that you can try out with your little ones.

From mud pies and brownies with little chocolate bunnies on them, to chocolate cereal cakes, there are several incredible desserts that your kids can help make. Aside from creating delicious goodies, you’ll also get to spend quality time with the kids and bond with them over a fun Easter activity.

You could also add some of these delicious treats to your Easter baskets to make them even more indulgent, after all, there’s no such thing as too much dessert.

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