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Our Ultimate Guide On Choosing Christmas Chocolate Gifts

December 7th, 2021

Christmas chocolate gifts are one of the most popular choices when it comes to the best gifts for your loved ones this festive season

Despite what anyone might say, receiving a box of delicious gourmet chocolates is always a good idea. With customisations available in terms of sugar-free and vegan chocolate, there’s the right kind of chocolate available for every type of person.

However, narrowing down on which one to choose can be a little tricky as the many options available can confuse you.

If this is something you’re facing, we’ve got you covered. At Melt Chocolate, with our experience in providing some of the best gourmet chocolates, we know how to decide on the right type for your loved ones.

We’ve put together a guide on choosing Christmas chocolate gifts for the festive season that can let you find the right gift for every type of person.

1. For True Chocolate Connoisseurs

Christmas Chocolate Gifts; Melt's Dark Vegan Gift Hamper

For those who consider themselves true chocolate lovers, there’s a variety of delicious chocolate gifts that you could consider giving them for the festive season.

From a dark chocolate hamper or a milk chocolate gift hamper, to something more unique like our Chilli Bar and Toast And Marmalade Bar, there’s an incredible list of choices to consider.

Whether you choose to stick to something classic like a simple chocolate bar, or prefer unique flavour combinations, at Melt, you’ll find them all.

Place your order today for incredible and fresh gourmet chocolates!

2. For Those Who Love Eating Healthy

Christmas Chocolate Gifts; Melt's Orange Slices Dipped in Dark Chocolate

Eating healthy is a form of self-care we all need to practice. With so many healthier alternatives to our favourite comfort food, you don’t have to settle for something less appetising. Chocolates can be healthy too!

You could consider trying chocolate combinations like mango and passion fruit with dark chocolate or even orange dipped in chocolate for something more fruit-based.

Those looking to cut down on sugar can opt for sugar-free chocolates that deliver great flavours. Vegan chocolates also possess incredible flavours that parallel those of standard chocolate.

3. For Those With A Sweet Tooth

Melt's Brownie Set of 4

People who prefer sweets over other types of food often indulge themselves in delectable desserts. For them, chocolate and different desserts serve as the perfect Christmas gift.

If you’re on the lookout for Christmas chocolate gifts specifically, a box of delicious brownies or fudgy mud pies are the perfect gift choice. For something more unique, you could always opt for desserts with spice or perhaps even something sea salt-related for that extra bit of flavour.

You could also consider taking a chocolate making class at Melt to make your own delicious chocolate treats for Christmas.

4. For Those Who Love Christmas

Melt's Christmas Crackers

Christmas is that time of the year we all look forward to. However, some people go all out with their celebrations because they love this special day. As part of your Christmas chocolate gifts for them, giving them something festive is the right way to go.

From our Christmas tree making and decorating event or luxury chocolate Advent calendar to our Christmas crackers and Tree Diamond Treats, we have many incredible festive Christmas chocolates that serve as the perfect gift for every person who loves Christmas.

Whether you choose to give them a monthly subscription to amazing chocolate treats or a chocolate making class, they’re sure to feel the festive vibes with whatever you decide to give them.

Melt Chocolate – The Ultimate Destination For Incredible Chocolate Gifts

While we’ve listed out a few chocolate gift ideas, at Melt, you’ll find many more options that you could consider.

Explore our range of incredible chocolates for Christmas, our bar collection, chocolate hampers and chocolate subscriptions, and gift your loved ones fresh gourmet chocolate.

Check our collection here and place your order today!



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