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Choosing the Right Cocoa Percentage – Here’s How!

September 28th, 2021

As you browse through our bar collection, looking for your favourite sweet treat, you may notice that some have a cocoa percentage mentioned on it.

Although you may know that a higher percentage means a darker chocolate and low percentage is mostly to do with milk chocolate, you may not know what it actually means.

Well, don’t worry – you don’t really have to be a professional chocolatier to understand how each of these percentages affect your taste buds.

At Melt, we’ve put together this cocoa percentage guide to help you figure out which percentage works the best for you; this will help you discover what type of cocoa creation can fulfil your next chocolate craving!

Let’s dive in!

Cocoa Percentage – What Does It Mean?

When talking about the percentage on your chocolate bar, there isn’t just one set range that exists – one shop may offer an 85% dark chocolate bar whereas another may advertise just 70%.

Don’t let these numbers confuse you; the percentage of cocoa mentioned on the bar only indicates the amount of cocoa that’s added in the treat.

Visit this page to explore our collection of chocolate bars with different percentages of cocoa.

Cocoa Percentage; Melt's Fruit and nuts Chocolate Library Box

Indicator of Quality

Sure, the amount of cocoa in your treat indicates the texture and taste of it, but it’s also one of the biggest indicators of quality.

This is because, in certain cases, lower percentage means the choco creation contains more sugar than what’s required; this ends up masking the fact that the bar of chocolate isn’t really glossy and chocolatey.

It is because of this that milk chocolates need to have at least 25% cocoa solids, whereas white chocolate must have 20% cocoa butter. That said, if you’re thinking of purchasing a velvety and chocolatey bar, then do check the cocoa percentage mentioned on its back. That way, you can ensure you aren’t indulging in an overly sugary treat.

To try some of the best luxury chocolates with the right amount of cocoa in it, visit our website today!

Chocolate Percentage Differences – Which Is the Best?

At Melt Chocolates, we pride ourselves for following the mantra of less sugar and more cocoa. This is why we strive to ensure that all our chocolate products are high in cocoa solids as that’s what enables the nuanced notes of the cocoa bean to shine through!

However, when it comes to the cocoa percentage, it varies between dark, milk and white chocolate, which means determining the best could be slightly difficult.

Here we’ll go through the best percentage of cocoa powder for these three chocolates, so that it becomes easier for you to choose from.

Best Percentage of Cocoa In Dark Chocolate

Melt's Dark Sea Salt Discs

With dark chocolates it’s important for them to be rich in cocoa, but the percentage you’re looking for can vary significantly based on your taste.

Having said that, we’d always recommend you choose a dark bar that consists at least 70% of cocoa solids. This is because it enables you to experience the multiple layers of cocoa bean, which isn’t possible in treats that have a lower cocoa percentage.

Of course, if you’re someone who loves dark chocolate, then you may prefer something stronger. For instance, our 100% bold dark bar is perfect for those searching for earthy and punchy notes of cocoa!

Best Percentage of Cocoa In Milk Chocolate

Cocoa Percentage; Melt's Sea Salt Milk Bar

As mentioned above, milk chocolate contains a minimum of 25% cocoa solids; but for us, that isn’t enough.

Although these chocolates are a sweeter and lighter cousin to dark, we don’t think the percentage of cocoa in it should be compromised. At Melt Chocolates, we therefore ensure that our collection of milk chocolate has a minimum of 38% cocoa solids. 

That way, we make sure you can experience the delicate and tasty notes of cocoa minus the bitter-sweet taste of dark chocolate.

Percentage On Your Chocolate Bar – How Does It Affect Your Taste?

Now that you know how cocoa percentage can affect the texture and quality of a chocolate bar, let’s understand how it affects your taste buds.

Dark Chocolate

As a rule of thumb – the higher the percentage of cocoa in dark chocolate, the more rich and savoury its taste will be.

Melt's 100% Bold Dark Bar

Not only that, because cocoa solids already have a bitter taste, a higher percentage of cocoa will only mean that your bar is less sweet and has more of a multilayered experience.

That said, if you really want to taste the cocoa beans in all its glory, why not give our 100% dark mini bar a try? You’ll certainly get to taste every complex yet nuanced note of cocoa beans, that too without any distractions – so visit our website and place your order today!

Milk Chocolate

Once again, the higher the percentage of cocoa in milk chocolates, the deeper and richer the chocolate tasting experience.

Cocoa Percentage; Melt's Milk Salted Feuillantine Bix

However, unlike our dark chocolates, unsurprisingly,  milk chocolate contain milk – that’s what lightens its whole taste while tempering the overall depth of cocoa beans and giving you a subtle sweetness.

What’s more, milk chocolates naturally contain lower levels of cocoa solids which gives it a sweeter edge!

Having said that, at Melt, we ensure our milk chocolates like milk salted feuillantine, hazelnut milk bar and milk chocolate honeycomb are never sickly; we stick to a cocoa percentage of 38% to make sure the cocoa in the treat can hold against the milk’s creaminess.

To Conclude

While the percentage of cocoa is going to be different in various chocolate bars, the ultimate decision is yours.

However, we’d recommend that – no matter whether you love devouring in a deep, dark chocolate or prefer munching on a moreish milk bar, always look for a sweet treat that has more cocoa in it to experience all the intricate notes!

Visit Melt and Order from Our Collection of Dark and Milk Chocolates

From chocolates with 100% cocoa to the ones with 70-85% (not to mention our sugar free sweet treats), we offer an incredible collection of luxury chocolates that suit every taste buds.

If you’re ready to experience the different percentages of cocoa, then visit our website and place your order today!



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