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Easter Large Bunny - Yellow

Personalise me! Get creative and decorate your bunny holder. Same fun for adults and for the little ones. Has a yummy milk chocolate tummy filled with buttonettes to eat or melt into a cup of milk for a tasty hot chocolate. Plastic free packaging as we are trying keep the largest garden in the world - the Oceans - plastic free. Egg weight: 300g.
Ingredients Why Fresh is Better Delivery
Melt’s chocolates are freshly made in our Notting Hill and Holland Park kitchens by our world class chocolatiers. Because our chocolates are fresh, handcrafted and we use the best natural ingredients we can reduce the sugar content, artificial flavours, stabilisers and other chemical preservatives. This means our chocolates taste sensational-unlike chocolates you have tasted before. Fresh natural ingredients are best for taste and for your health. Freshly made, natural ingredients from London’s Most Luxurious Chocolate Company.
Environmentally friendly: Melt's Easter Eggs are completely plastic-free as we care about our environment and our oceans.  Gift a pristine ocean to our children by reducing single-use plastic packaging - Melt has been at the vanguard of this movement for over 10 years.

 This product has a 1-year shelf life.

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Acorn Easter Egg

Exquisite milk and dark chocolate Easter egg with a nutty capule almond rocher. Along with a tasty candied orange tail. Filled with milk chocolate mini eggs with cocoa nibs. Designed in-house - this gorgeous and beautifully hand-crafted Acorn Easter Egg combines silky smooth milk chocolate with an almond rocher cup and a rich 70% dark chocolate. Acorns have special resonance in Notting Hill and Great Britain. As from "small acorns, mighty oaks are grown". Food miles have been minimized as the kitchen is located in our boutiques to reduce our carbon footprint. Egg weight: 350g.

Van Gogh Blossom Easter Egg | Vegan Egg

Van Gogh lived in and loved London. London's parks were a particular highlight for him. Coming from Holland, it's not difficult to imagine that he visited Holland Park and Notting Hill. There the amazing spring blossoms would have inspired him. To celebrate Van Gogh and his blossom paintings we have created an exclusive Melt Van Gogh Easter Egg. "And did those feet in Victorian times, Walk upon Notting's hills green? And was the holy lamb of god In Holland's pleasant parks seen" Notting Hill - The World's Greatest Urban Environment. At Melt, we believe Notting Hill is one of the greatest urban environments in the world. Spring in Notting Hill should be as famous as the cherry blossom festivals in Japan. The pastel white and pink colours of the cherry and magnolia trees when set against the iconic backdrop of the pastel coloured houses of Notting Hill is a sublime sight. Notting Hill is London's Greatest Community at the heart of London, the World's Greatest City. Our Blossom Easter Egg celebrates Spring.