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Finding the Perfect Luxury Chocolate Subscription for You – Here’s How!

April 6th, 2021

If you’re a chocolate lover like us, then you can’t ever go too long without gorging on a bit of luxury chocolate – not only that, the very thought of running out of sweet treats is sure to fill you with dread!

Fortunately, at Melt Chocolates, we offer a luxury chocolate subscription that ensures you never run out of the luxurious goodness of cocoa; receiving a box full of gourmet chocolates straight at your doorstep – now isn’t that a dream come true for every chocolate aficionado?

With a variety of subscriptions available on our website, you can easily find one that will delight your taste buds.

Whether you want a one-off chocolate gift voucher, a 3-month subscription or a steady yearly supply of luxury sweet treats to enjoy at home, we have the perfect option for everyone.

Here we’ve put together a list of our top Melt Chocolate Subscriptions for you, but before that let’s understand…

What Is A Chocolate Subscription?

Similar to magazine subscriptions, our luxury chocolate subscription is an order that ensures a box of fresh chocolates is delivered to you on a monthly basis.

Melt Bars Trio Monthly Subscription

By purchasing our subscriptions, you can keep those freshly handmade chocolates coming through every 3 months, 6 months or even yearly – a perfect way to treat the chocoholic in you!

The best part about our chocolate subscription is that all our products are made using ethically sourced ingredients and are delivered in eco-friendly packaging – a savvy choice not just for your taste buds but also for the environment.

Melt’s Top Luxury Chocolate Subscription

The box of chocolates that keeps on giving – Melt’s chocolate subscription is an excellent way to make sure you or your loved ones are never short on your favourite sweet treats.

Our handmade collection of gourmet chocolates are prepared from the best cocoa beans and filled with flavours you’re sure to fall in love with.

Here are our top chocolate subscriptions that you can choose from.

The Monthly Chocolate Collection

Melt’s monthly chocolate collection offers you the opportunity to receive exciting boxes of your favourite sweet treats every month – you can choose from our 3 month and 6 month fresh chocolate subscription.

Melt's luxury chocolate gift box

3 Months of Fresh Chocolate

Whether you crave an intense dark salted feuilletine, a pistachio cup or a single origin chocolate, we’ll send you some of the best treats filled with a revolutionary cocoa rich creaminess in the form of our 3 months of fresh chocolate collection.

Choosing this subscription ensures that you receive our top quality handmade chocolates for 3 months straight.

6 Months of Fresh Chocolate

If you’re looking for a regular dose of handmade treats but 3 months just doesn’t seem enough, then our 6 months of fresh chocolate subscription is the perfect choice for you – it’s a monthly hug in the form of chocolates!

Every month (for 6 months straight) you’ll receive a sample of a variety of our creations at your doorstep, featuring a generous amount of cocoa goodness.

The 1 Year of Fresh Chocolate Collection

Like us, if you too think that although the above options sound amazing, you need more of it, then you should absolutely choose our 1 year luxury chocolate subscription.

Melt's 1 Year of Fresh, Luxury Chocolate Subscription

Featuring some really amazing and lip-smacking goodies, this collection lets you indulge in the chocolate-y world for an entire year – now, doesn’t that sound wonderful?

Luxury Chocolate Voucher

Our chocolate gift voucher is perfect for those who want to give the gift of chocolates to their loved ones but aren’t sure what they’d like.

Melt's chocolate gift voucher, perfect gift for every chocolate lover

Simply choose the number of vouchers you’d like to send, add the necessary details along with a heartfelt message and we’ll send it straight to their door. What’s more, your loved one can use these vouchers for up to a year!

Luxury Chocolate Subscription – Is It Worth It?

If you love a box of luxury chocolates, then we believe that you can never go wrong with Melt’s chocolate subscription.

Nothing can beat the excitement of receiving presents through post, especially when it contains freshly handmade chocolates. Moreover, signing up for a chocolate voucher or subscription is a great way to practice self-care!

Order Your Chocolate Subscription from Melt Today!

If you’re ready to start receiving your share of monthly guilt free, luxury chocolate gifts, then place your order today!

While you’re at it, browse through our collection of other sweet treat creations and maybe add it to your list – after all, chocolates are one of the best ways to treat yourself.



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