Good Food and Good Friends - These are the essential ingredients of life

Happy New Year from Melt. With the winter solstice behind us, it is heartening to see the first snow drops emerge. Beautiful symbols of purity and renewal. Likewise Melt’s focus in the New Year is very much on our health and happiness. This typically means de-stressing and simplfying our lives. The advice on how to do so however is very confused – food goes in and out of favour – so we think it’s best to rely on our ancient instincts. These all point, naturally, in the same direction: Good Food and Good Friends equals Feeling Good. Melt Hot Chocolate What our ancient forebears pursued feels naturally right. While we can’t all huddle around an open fire every night – at least we can recreate that sensation with a candle. “Hygge” represents the feeling when all your senses are evoked. Good friends and good food under candle light gives you time to savour a Melt Hot Chocolate, slowly. Warm the milk, pour it into a cup and then dip your hot chocolate stick into the steaming milk. Watching it melt - enjoy the sensation as the chocolate swirls around. Melt’s version is sublime. Club Melt A social gathering of Good friends and good food in the evening with Melt’s Club allows us to recreate the sense of shared interest as we listen to a chocolatier discuss the finer aspects of our sensational chocolate. Join us on the 31st of January for an Evening Chocolate Talk and Tasting with Keith Hurdman on Wild Chocolate - Book now Melt goes wild for this exciting dark chocolate at our tasting event Join us for an evening Chocolate Tasting and Talk with Melt and Keith Hurdman on Wild Chocolate. Keith Hurdman is a master chocolatier working with Melt and a corporate chocolatier for Felchlin. Whether you're an amateur chocolate enthusiast or a chocolate connoisseur this event is ideal for you. The unique and rare wild cacao, Criollo Amazonico, originates in the Bolivian lowlands in the province of Beni. The gatherers, mostly Chimane Indians, seek out the widely scattered cacao islands, where they collect the ripened fruit from the trees. They then bring the pods to pre-designated collection points using horses or dugout canoes. The beans are then fermented and dried in the sun at these points. The trees are not cultivated, they are left to nature. Wild Bar- Mother Nature's Detox Chocolate picked from wild cocoa tree in the Amazon is mother nature at is most sublime, natural and full of anti-oxidants and pleasure inducing chemicals. Our Wild bar evokes this natural and ancient spirit and is great for detoxifying.
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