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October 25th, 2019


While our lovely customers have been on the beach this summer, Melt has been working feverishly in our Notting Hill kitchen. We are on the quest for chocolate perfection. After much trial and error,  experimenting with numerous recipes, we’ve finally created an amazing Vegan Chocolate Brownie, but without ANY sugar. This is the holy grail of food – a dark chocolate brownie that’s entirely sugar-free. You can now eat our heavenly chocolate brownie with a clear conscience.  Instead of sugar – we’ve mixed Stevia with some fabulous 100% chocolate. Stevia is a herb, which has basically no calories and yet has the sweetness of sugar.  Sesame seeds and tahini replace grains and dairy to create this paleo perfection. Our secret recipe delivers on Melt’s quest for food which is good, both for the body and the mind. Soul food which is entirely sugar-free, vegan and grain-free. Heavenly healthy chocolate – we hope you agree we have reached the sublime for chocolate and brownies.

Chocolate is a fermented fruit from the Cacao Tree. It’s therefore naturally vegan. It can be part of your 5 fruits a day!!


Club Melt’s purpose is to explore the sublime.  To explore the sublime, Melt believes you need two simple but essential ingredients – great chocolate and great experiences.  Great cocoa experiences immerse you body and soul in the chocolate world and you learn how to taste the greatest single-origin chocolates.

Order your monthly chocolate subscription now and we will offer you a FREE chocolate course in the heart of Notting Hill. When you place your order and click that button – SHOP NOW. A complex process is triggered. Our World-class Chocolatiers start to handmake your fresh chocolates in our Notting Hill kitchens. Our shop team will then pack your chocolates in our beautiful designer boxes, which are entirely plastic-free. The next day we will deliver your fresh chocolates to your doorstep every month.  A miracle of modern times – delivering chocolate from the very heart of the Amazon to your doorstep for a modest amount of money. We keep food miles to the minimum by co-locating our kitchens in our shop.

Melt’s vegan chocolates taste “unbelievable”. Our aim is to make them both good for you and the planet. Your luxury chocolate comes in a beautiful designer box. Chocolate is naturally vegan, as it’s the fruit of the evergreen cocoa tree. 

We are dedicated to gifting a pristine planet to our children. Melt is fanatically plastic-free and also minimizes food miles by co-locating our kitchens in our shops.  Saving the planet one plant at a time. We are switching all our electrical supplies to 100% renewable energy.

Make your own Vegan Bars – from Cocoa bean to amazing chocolate bar.

From Bean to Amazing Bar with Artisan Chocolatiers -A magical experience in Notting Hill

Learn to temper chocolate – with our tempering technique.

Make your own chocolate bars.

Enjoy chocolate meditation with our multi-media chocolate tasting – combining the evolution of chocolate from the “food of the gods to the modern sweet” while tasting the best chocolate in the world. 



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