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Our Top 4 Courses For Delicious Christmas Chocolates

November 30th, 2021

Sweet treats and chocolates are an essential element of every Christmas celebration; they’re something we all look forward to.

During the festive season, many of us go all out with our Christmas food prep to put together some hearty and delicious meals. This year, along with this, why not try your hand at chocolate making too?

At Melt, we offer several incredible chocolate making classes that include a fun virtual tasting chocolate and cocktail pairing night. 

From delicious homemade brownies to bonbons and pralines, there are many incredible chocolate creations that you can learn from our courses to make your Christmas celebration all the more sweeter!

With this in mind, we’ve put together our top courses that can help you make delicious homemade Christmas chocolates.

So without further ado, let’s take a look!

1. Chocolate Making Course

homemade Christmas chocolates; Melt's Make Your Own Chocolate In Nottingham Masterclass

Travelling through the history of chocolate making, learning about the Aztec’s evolution of chocolate and making your unique bean to bar chocolate – if this is something that piqued your interest, our chocolate making course is perfect for you!

With this fantastic course at Melt, not only do you learn about the history of chocolate and its evolution but you’re also carefully guided by our chocolatiers to create amazing gourmet chocolate bars made straight from cocoa beans.

You also get to take 3 of your delicious bar chocolates in our stylish Melt packaging. With the knowledge and creative process of this class, you can impress all your family and guests with delicious homemade chocolate bars for your Christmas celebrations.

2. Our Praline And Bonbon Making Courses

homemade Christmas chocolates; Melt's Bonbon Making Course

Fancy creating delicious confections for your homemade Christmas chocolates this year? If yes, our praline and bonbon making courses are perfect for you.

Our praline making class and bonbon making course available as part of our onsite classes are our most popular courses. Our bonbon making course is an immersive experience that provides both a tasting and bonbon making experience.

Our praline making class gives you exclusive insights into our signature praline creation process. You also get the opportunity to taste our best single origin chocolates along with the tips and tricks from our class.

From tasting delicious chocolates to learning how to create your own for Christmas, it does not get any better than this.

3. Melt’s Brownie Making Course

Melt's Bonbon Making Course

When it comes to the best chocolate desserts of all time, brownies are always somewhere at the top of the list – and for good reason! Serving as the ultimate comfort food of all time, chocolate brownies and indulgent and downright decadent.

With Melt’s Brownies making course, you get special insights from our renowned chocolatier on how to create the perfect brownie or mud pie. With instructions and help throughout the class, you can finesse your brownie making skills and try out the recipe with your own twist!

Paired with your homemade Christmas chocolate, your brownies are definitely going to be an indulgent treat!

4. A Fun Children’s Lollipop Course

Melt's Children's Lollipop Course

Melt’s Children’s Lollipop course is an interactive and creative class that allows every child to unleash their imagination and creativity. 

This course lets every kid personalise their chocolate lollipops and other chocolate to create unique treats of their own. While it is an ideal class for birthdays and other events, your little one can learn how to personalise and decorate their chocolate treats

They can then put these skills to use and help you with your Christmas sweets. This can prove to be a fun and unique experience that can open their eyes to the world of chocolate in a different way.

Another idea you could consider trying out is to try out making homemade Christmas chocolates with your little one and personalise them together to make Christmas prep all the more fun and enjoyable.

Visit Melt To Try Out Our Amazing Onsite Experiences

Whether you choose to try our bonbon making course or a brownie course, our onsite experiences are informative and fun and let you experience chocolate in a completely different way. With this, making your own homemade Christmas chocolates will become a lot more fun!

We also provide some of the best gourmet chocolates and sweet treats that also come in vegan and sugar-free options. From gift boxes and vouches to fresh gourmet chocolates, we have a sweet treat for every occasion!

Well, then what are you waiting for? Place your order for delicious chocolates today!



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