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Hosting a Virtual Easter Egg Hunt the Melt Way – Here’s How

March 31st, 2021

Let’s face it – the ongoing situation has compelled us all to keep ourselves busy: we’ve been cleaning our homes with a fervour, baking sweet treats and fresh bread as if we’re running a bakery and experimenting with DIY home renovation ideas.

Whilst the times are unpredictable, staying in touch with our loved ones is what keeps us grounded!

However, with all the curveballs this situation has thrown at us, exciting holidays like Easter have left us thinking of various creative ways to celebrate these events. What’s more, although festive decor, adorable Easter gift baskets, luxurious Easter chocolates and delicious meals could be prepared, the traditional brunch or Easter egg hunt with family is no longer an option.

That said, how do you keep the spirits of Easter alive and have a good time with your kids?

At Melt’s, we’ve got the answer – Virtual Easter Egg Hunt!

Tips to Host an Online Easter Egg Hunt the Melt Way!

This Easter, while it’s going to be just you and your kids (and perhaps, people from your support bubble) it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun.

At Melt, we’ve put together this handy guide on how you can throw a virtual Easter egg hunt with friends and family, and ensure that you have the time of your life.

Let’s dive in!

1. Create the Perfect Ambience

When it comes to hosting an Easter egg hunt, choosing the right location plays a crucial role.

However, with this year’s Easter egg hunt being held virtually, your home is going to be the primary location. That said, you need to make sure that you’re creating the perfect ambience and setting the right mood for your virtual Easter egg hunt.

Virtual Easter Egg Hunt, brown tables and chairs placed in the backyard.

You could either choose the entire house or a specific room to conduct this grand event; just ensure that this space is neither too big nor small.

Ask the other family members (the one’s who’ll be participating virtually) to do the same. While you’re at it, set some searching limits so that your kids don’t wander off in rooms that aren’t in play.

2. Choose Spots to Hide Chocolates and Other Treats

Once you’ve decided on a room and created the right setting, it’s time to choose various spots to hide the Easter eggs and other luxury chocolates.

 Kids holding chocolates as a moustache

While hiding treats, however, see to it that you’re putting some of them in easy-to-find locations whereas the others in trickier spots; have a certain set of clues for spots that are hard to find.

Pro Tip: Always count the number of treats you have before hiding them. Or else, you might end up finding half-melted or old Easter chocolates in the house after the holidays are over.

3. Have Pails and Buckets in Place

Although you’ll be hosting a virtual Easter egg hunt, that doesn’t mean your hunters won’t need something to collect their treasures – after all, they’ll be looking for eggs and chocolates in their respective houses.

Perhaps you could use small buckets, paper bags or even baskets; all these are an excellent way to ensure chocolates don’t melt in your kids’ pockets or hands!

4. Come Up With a Strategy

There are several ways to conduct an Easter egg hunt.

There’s this free-for-all, classic hunt where kids can discover unlimited eggs and the one with the maximum number of treats can be declared as the winner.

Melt's delicious Easter chocolates wrapped in colours wrappers perfect for a virtual Easter egg hunt

However, this would be unfair especially if you have different age groups participating in the hunt. In that case, you could perhaps give younger kids a head-start; that way they can find more treats. On the other hand, if you want to keep the hunt less competitive and more exciting, then maybe you could colour-code the eggs and divide the kids into teams.

By doing so, you can assign one colour to each team or tell them they could choose chocolates of just one colour. This will help ensure every child/team gets one type of chocolate while also minimising the possibility of arguments.

5. Choose Chocolates and Eggs to Use As Treasure

Whether it’s a traditional or digital Easter egg hunt, one of the best parts about it is choosing the eggs and chocolates to hide.

Make sure you’re selecting a mix of treats because that will motivate kids to look for more exciting chocolates, especially the ones that their fellow participants have found and they haven’t.

Melt's Easter chocolate egg along with white, dark and milk chocolate placed on white table

At Melt Chocolates, we offer an array of Easter eggs and chocolates that are sure to make your egg hunt all the more exciting.

From strawberry and sea salt flavoured chocolates to an assortment of mini Easter eggs and chocolate bunnies, we’ve got it all. You could either use them as treasure or as a prize for whoever wins the hunt!

Easter Eggs and Chocolates – Order from Melt Chocolates Today!

At Melt Chocolates, we’re big cocoa fans!

This means the taste of our cocoa is at the forefront of all our chocolates, including the ones made for Easter. Why not choose from our collection of Easter chocolates and make your virtual Easter egg hunt not just exciting but also delicious?

Visit our website and place your order for mouth-watering Easter eggs today!



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