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How much cocoa is in milk chocolate?

December 13th, 2022

Milk Chocolate Cocoa Percentage

Milk chocolate usually contains 30-40% cocoa. Higher quality milk chocolate tends to be 35% to 40% cocoa and sweeter, cheaper milk chocolate often contains less. This is because cocoa is more expensive than milk and sugar, so the higher the cocoa percentage the better!

Milk Chocolate Bar Single Origin 35%

At Melt Chocolates, all of our milk chocolate is 35% and above to ensure a high, quality luxurious taste and texture. We do not use oils, fats or excess sugar in our milk chocolate products. We aim to prioritise the cocoa over other ingredients – real chocolate.

What other ingredients are in milk chocolate?

The other ingredients that make up milk chocolate are cocoa butter, milk and sugar. Some companies add oils, fats and extra sweeteners into their milk chocolate – this is called compound chocolate. To learn more about the difference between real and compound chocolate, check out our blog Compound vs Real Chocolate – What’s the Difference.

High Quality Milk Chocolate

Generally high quality milk chocolate will be more expensive. Look for 40-45% milk chocolate if you want to taste proper luxury milk chocolate. This is because cocoa is more expensive than milk and sugar. Therefore, many mass-produced milk chocolates will contain palm oil, very little cocoa and lots of sugar. These cheaper produced chocolates usually contain a cocoa percentage of 30% or less.


Single-origin is the best kind of milk chocolate that you can buy. Usually, if it is not specified, cocoa beans will come from all around the world and be blended together to sell onto chocolate companies. However, it is possible to buy cocoa beans from just one location – this is why it is called single origin. It is considered high quality because you can trace the cocoa beans back to the farm they were produced on, and you can taste how the location the beans were grown on produce different flavours in the chocolate. For example, our Papua New Guinea single origin milk chocolate bar , due to the high humidity where this chocolate grows (rather than drying the bean under the sun, they are dried over a flame) the chocolate has a mouth-wateringly smoky hint to the milk chocolate.

Single Origin Milk Chocolate 35%

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Is 40% cocoa milk chocolate?

Yes. 40% cocoa is a good quality milk chocolate. Milk chocolate usually ranges from 30-40% cocoa percentage. The higher the cocoa percentage the better.

Which chocolate contains 70 cocoa?

70% cocoa is dark chocolate. Dark milk chocolate is usually around 50%-65%. Milk chocolate is 30%-40%. White chocolate is 20-30%.

What percentage of cocoa is the healthiest?

100% cocoa is the healthiest. This is because it contains no sugar, milk or cocoa butter. It is pure cocoa. Cocoa is actually a fruit and has many beneficial health properties.

Which chocolate has 60% cocoa?

60% cocoa is technically called dark, milk chocolate. However many companies classify it as dark chocolate. Higher quality, luxury dark chocolate should be 70%.



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