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Melt’s Luxury Chocolate Hampers Guide – A Chocolate Gift for Each Occasion

November 14th, 2022

Gifting Season

This is Melt Chocolate’s guide to gifting our luxury chocolate hampers this year!

The Clarendon Champagne & Chocolate Gift Hamper

Tis the season of birthdays, weddings, family visits, work events and of course Christmas. All these celebratory events can be overwhelming if you have to find a gift or hamper each time to show your gratitude for a stay or to wish someone happy birthday.

Luckily we know a gift that no one can refuse and can be used for all occasions… Luxury Chocolate Hampers! The great thing about gifting good chocolate is that even if you gift the same person a chocolate hamper, they are sure to be pleased to receive it again. If anything they will look forward to it!

It is like gifting a delicious bottle of wine to dinner party hosts. Suits the occasion and you know it will go down a treat. It is the same with chocolate! Whether at a birthday party, a holiday stay or a wedding, your hosts are sure to want to unwrap the layers of ribbon and tissue paper to dive into a luxury chocolate truffle or a hazelnut chocolate slab.

Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Slab

So we are providing a guide on which Chocolate Gift Hampers are most suitable for each occasion or guest.

1. For Those With Expensive Taste

For guests who deserve a real treat or have a taste for the luxuries in life, we would recommend our Luxury Chocolate Hamper  – £149.99.Luxury Chocolate Hamper

Luxury Chocolate Hamper  – £149.99

Filled with our best-selling chocolates, this gift hamper is guaranteed to please even the fussiest of gift receivers.  It really has something for everyone!Luxury Chocolate Hamper Contents

Filled with seven chocolate bars, flavours including dark and milk sea salt chocolate, hazelnut, almond and pistachio milk just to name a few. Then the real luxury…a box of 28 freshly made chocolate bonbons, truffles and pralines. Along with this we’ve added a couple of our delicious hazelnut Gianduja terrines – a sweet, nutty, soft bar which will have the children asking for more. Finally, we have our dark chocolate hazelnut slabs which are the perfect after dinner treat to split over the table.

Chocolate Bonbon Gift Set

milk chocolate hazelnut gianduja terrine

2. For Stay Overs

Our next hamper is a smaller gift! Only £24.99, it is one of our more affordable gift hampers. The Hot Chocolate Hamper is the perfect chocolate gift to bring if you are staying at someone’s house for a night or few. Whether you buy it for your child as they go over for a playdate, or for your partner as a special treat, it is sure to be enjoyed together. Containing 4 milk hot chocolate blocks, a mug and chocolate buttons, you can make delicious hot chocolates to be enjoyed that very night. Just warm up some milk and voila!

Hot Chocolate Hamper

Hot Chocolate Hamper – £24.99

3. For Milk Chocolate Lovers

We all know someone who loves milk chocolate! But they are not so much a fan of the richer flavour of dark chocolate. This
Milk Chocolate Gift Hamper is perfect for them. Containing only milk chocolate, with flavours such as caramel, popcorn or hazelnut it will be sure to saturate their sweet tooth.
Milk Chocolate Gift Hamper Contents

Milk Chocolate Gift Hamper – £76.99

The Milk Chocolate Hamper is filled with the best dairy milk chocolate products handmade by our professional chocolatiers. We fill our luxury gift hamper with Melt bars, truffles, bonbons and chocolate discs.

Milk Chocolate Gift Hamper

Shop on Amazon or on our website.

4. For Dark Chocolate Lovers and Vegans

Alternately, many people prefer the bitterness of dark chocolate over the sweetness of milk…we’ve got them covered too. We have two great hampers for dark chocolate lovers.

Our dark chocolate is also vegan friendly, making them the ideal vegan chocolate hampers containing treats that you will not be able to resist.

The Dark Chocolate and Vegan Hamper scored no.1 on Good House Keeping‘s Best Chocolate Hampers this year, scoring 98/100! Their ” highlight was the praline assortment, which received one of the highest scores our experts have ever given!”.

Dark Chocolate Vegan Gift Hamper

Dark Chocolate Vegan Hamper – £79.99


Shop on Amazon or via our website.

Melt Chocolate’s other tasty dark chocolate hamper is the Aztec Chocolate Gift Hamper. Honouring chocolates history as the food of the Aztecs back in the 14th Century. Utilising traditional flavours favoured by the Aztecs such as chilli, vanilla and coffee we have curated a gift hamper to bring you back in time to the roots of chocolate. This hamper also includes a package of our own house coffee to drink alongside the chocolate.

Aztec Chocolate Gift Hamper

Aztec Chocolate Gift Hamper – £99.99

5. For the Birthdays

Our Happy Birthday Hamper is a more affordable tasty treat for anyone’s birthday, whether its their 10th birthday or 70th! he Melt Happy Birthday Chocolate Hamper contains our very own happy birthday luxury chocolate bar, our delicious brownies our trademark toffees. There is no better way to gift a Happy Birthday to someone.

Happy Birthday Chocolate Gift Hamper

Happy Birthday Hamper – £29.99

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