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Luxury Easter Chocolates That Serve As The Perfect Treat

March 23rd, 2021

With Lent coming to an end and Easter soon approaching, we’re all ready to welcome Spring. That said, when it comes to Easter festivities and celebrations, one element that remains constant on this special day is CHOCOLATES.

From toddlers to adults, Easter chocolates are enjoyed by all; these sweet treats are something everybody looks forward to in this festive season!

Moreover, every year this beloved day brings forth many new and exciting confectionery creations available for the chocolate connoisseur.  If you’re looking for decadent luxury Easter chocolates for yourself or to gift someone, we’ve got just the thing for you.

Melt Chocolates has put together a list of gourmet Easter chocolates that serve as the perfect treat; these rich and mouth-watering sweet treats with their unique flavour profiles are sure to make your celebrations all the more special.

Without further ado, let’s take a look!

1. Sea Salt Easter Eggs

Sea salt Easter eggs elevate the traditional chocolate eggs to another level through the flavoursome addition of sea salt.

 A sea salt egg is a luxury Easter chocolate with a stunning flavour combination; Melt's Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Easter egg

A unique chocolate flavour combination that has become increasingly popular amongst dessert connoisseurs and chocolatiers, sea salt and chocolate is an iconic flavour pairing that appeals to every palette.

The richness of chocolate in these Easter eggs with the stark contrast of the sea salt creates a delicious flavour. Whether it is milk chocolate or dark, sea salt suits both, bringing with it an exquisite taste that is sure to impress you.

At Melt, our milk chocolate sea salt egg and dark chocolate sea salt egg are a popular Easter treat. Visit our website and order yours today!

2. Easter Egg Mini Assortment

A mini Easter egg assortment serves as the perfect choice for those who prefer smaller, bite-sized chocolate.

Mini egg assortments are the perfect luxury Easter chocolate with unique flavours; mini Easter eggs placed on a white background

Each mini egg packs a delicious explosion of flavours. Moreover, with the petite size of these easter eggs, they serve as the perfect mini dessert. Another advantage of these mini eggs, they come in a multitude of flavours to explore – from praline to ganache, there is plenty to choose from.

Furthermore, they also serve as a great gift, especially for those who love a sweet treat, with their elegant packaging and scrumptious flavours.

3. Strawberry Easter Eggs

If you want truly indulgent chocolate with a fruity twist, the strawberry Easter eggs are perfect for you.

A strawberry Easter egg is a unique luxury chocolate that you should try out in 2021; Melt's Strawberry Easter Egg

The richness of dark chocolate combined with the sweet and tart strawberries evolves into the taste and creamy texture of a black forest gateau. Strawberries and chocolate have always been one of the best dessert combinations – and with good reason!

Additionally, this innovative twist on strawberries and chocolates makes this gourmet Easter egg a must-try in 2021.

4. Fruits of the Forest Egg

Filled with pistachios and fresh fruits, the fruits of the forest Easter egg is one of the most delicious festive chocolates out there. For those looking for a unique Easter sweet treat filled with delicious surprises, this is the perfect chocolate egg for you.

A fruits of the forest Easter egg is full of hidden flavour explosions making it one of the best Easter chocolates; Melt's Fruits of the forest Easter egg

One of the best things about this Easter egg is that the fruits and pistachios are concealed within the egg. This means that with every bite a harmony of flavours explodes from within the chocolate.

Moreover, with the perfect union of chocolates, fruits and berries, this Easter egg serves as a great dessert on its own making it one of the best Easter eggs in 2021.

5. Easter Bunny Chocolates

Our list of luxury Easter eggs for 2021 would be incomplete without the traditional Easter bunny. Whether it is a full chocolate figure or a cut out of the little creature who represents Easter, these sweet treats are fun and are enjoyed immensely, especially by children.

Easter bunny chocolates are an important part of every Easter celebration; Melt's sage Easter Bunny

Every Easter celebration includes an Easter bunny and when it comes to luxurious chocolates, there are many different custom and flavourful Easter bunny chocolates you can include in your celebrations.

These chocolates are enjoyed by everyone; this bunny-themed chocolate is sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face. Delivered to your door in a recyclable cardboard bunny shaped package, you or your children can even decorate your lop-eared friend.

Vist Melt Chocolates to Order Your Luxury Easter Chocolates

This Easter, indulge in luxurious handcrafted chocolate made by the world-renowned chocolatiers at Melt.

Our collection of chocolate eggs and sweet treats boast stunning flavours that will appeal to every palette. From Easter eggs to chunky bars – we’ve got it all!

Visit our website today to order bespoke chocolates for your Easter 2021 celebrations.



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