Picture of Melt Bar Collection - Melt's Mini Bar

Melt Bar Collection - Melt's Mini Bar

Melt's Mini Bar is designed to be the perfect "bite-size". Luxury hotels stock chocolates in their mini-bars. We have observed homes adopting luxuries that once was only the preserve of luxury hotels. So now our clients can have small chocolate luxuries at their homes and on the go. Beautifully designed with minimalist packaging which is plastic free as we care about our environment. Our clients include some of the best hotels in London:- Mandarin Oriental, Chiltern Firehouse and The Ned. Handmade in the Heart of Notting Hill by London's Most Luxurious Chocolate Company. The bite size means that this is an affordable luxury or luxury gift.

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Vegan Mini Bars Set 4x45g

Weight: 45g/bar.

Health Set Trio Mini Bars 3x45g

Weight: 45g/bar.

100% Dark - Melt's Mini Bar

Without the interference of sugar, this chocolate is bold and strong and purple-brown in colour. An intense bitterness grabs the senses at first, possibly making you pull a face, then this fades into an afterburn of pure chocolate... Don't be shy... Live life; it's always worth trying real chocolate. A truly vegan chocolate bar. Weight: 45g.

Sea Salt Dark - Melt's Mini Bar

Salt & Chocolate ? You bet! So many of our lovely customers asked us to make a dark chocolate seasoned with salt. FYI our milk chocolate and sea salt is our No.1 best selling bar. We hope you enjoy this version too! A truly vegan chocolate bar too. Plastic-free packaging as we care about the largest garden in the world - our oceans. Weight: 45g.

Sea Salt Milk - Melt's Mini Bar

The result of creamy milk chocolate, seasoned lightly with Maldon sea salt, is a gorgeous taste sensation, which propels this bar into the top spot - it's our most popular bar! Weight: 45g.

Superfood - Melt's Mini Bar

Dark fruits of the forest are mixed with bittersweet chocolate. Packed with anti-oxidants from blackcurrants, quinoa and high cocoa dark chocolate., this bar seeks to protect the mind, the heart and to fight ageing. Weight: 45g.

Love Milk Bar - Melt's Mini Bar

Love Bar is a truly irresistible crunchy milk chocolate bar. The silkiness of the milk chocolate has been combined with a crunchy feuilletine to create a very special, delicious bar. Weight: 45g.

Sugar Free Milk - Melt's Mini Bar

Our sugar free milk chocolate is silky and smooth. For those wanting an alternative , you can not improve on the taste and texture of this clean tasting milk chocolate bar, which is not sweetened with refined sugar. Weight: 45g.

Wild Organic Dark - Melt's Mini Bar

Melt goes wild with this exciting dark chocolate bar. The rare organic beans are harvested from wild cocoa trees in Bolivia, this chocolate is not rough or untamed, but smooth, sweet and soft. This chocolate will give you a long, clean finish. A truly vegan chocolate bar. Plastic-free packaging as we care about the largest garden in the world - our oceans. Weight: 45g.

Almond & Chocolate - Melt's Mini Bar

Almonds and Chocolate are a marriage made in heaven. Once you have tasted our divine recipe of dark milk chocolate and toasted almonds, we doubt you'll be able to stop! The dark milk chocolate with the milky almonds is an act of genius. Plastic-free packaging as we care about the largest garden in the world - our oceans. Weight: 45g.