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Melt Chocolates dedication to Ethically Sourced Chocolate

June 11th, 2024


Melt chocolate is dedicated to ethically sourced chocolate. All of our single origin chocolate comes from ethical sources, where farmers are supported and their local communities offered economic opportunities . From our foundation in 2005, we have been proud to be at the forefront of sustainability and care in the chocolate industry.

Watercolour painting of a cacao pod

100% Madagascan Chocolate: Chocolat Madagascar Raisetrade

Melt sources our Madagascan chocolate from Chocolat Madagascar. Their farmers are paid premium prices which depend on the quality of the rare cocoa beans harvested. The higher income raises the standard of living of the farmers. The fresh cocoa stays  in Madagascar to be crafted into fine chocolate at the Chocolaterie Robert factory , creating a product of origin. This raises the skills, the value and ultimately contributes to raising the wealth at origin and helps close the gdp/capita gap with the richest economies in a responsible way, a value added at sourceorigin positiveorigin plusRaisetrade highly ethical business model.


Ethically sourced chocolate graph investment in local community

Freshly crafted from seed to tree to cocoa bean to chocolate. Delicate flavours and aromas of forest fruits from the fine terroir criollo – trinitario – forastero cacao. As ethical as delicious, totally grown and crafted in Madagascar by the Malagasy people.


Bolivian Cacao Farmers: The Wild Bar

One of our best selling bars: The Wild Bar is a rare and unique cacao that originates in the Bolivian lowlands in Beni. Local people, primarily the Chimane people, seek out the wild cocoa and collect ripened fruits from the trees. The beans are fermented and dried naturally in the sun.

Map of Bolivia Ethically Sourced Chocolate


Our partners Felchlin source this chocolate for us. They cultivate a fair, transparent and personal working relationship with the cacao farmers in the countries of origin. Furthermore, they support them with social and financial projects that are beneficial to nature and offer economic opportunities to the local community.

What is special about this chocolate is that it is not cultivated, they are wild – not fertilised, managed or propogated.

Ethically sourced chocolate bolivian farmer


85% Dark Chocolate – Philippines

Our chocolate suppliers for our single origin Philippines bar have personal relationships with the the cocoa bean farmers and make regular trips to the cocoa farms to meet the farmer, to inspect the farm and ensure no child labour is used. All the farms we purchase cocoa beans from are family owned and practice multi-cropping to help promote biodiversity and encourage symbiotic planting relationships and pest control. The farms are all based on rich volcanic soil that require little, if any, fertiliser.





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