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Melt's Bonbons Making Course

Taste and make lots of amazing chocolate in a beautiful boutique at the Heart of Notting Hill. This is an immersive tasting and chocolate making experience with over 100 5***** reviews. Learn about the art of chocolate making, where chocolate comes from and taste your way through a variety of single origins chooclates. You will takeaway a beautiful box of your bonbons in our amazing melt box and bag.

Teenagers Chocolate Bar Course

Enjoy tasting different chocolate origins and percentages of chocolate and a brief walk through the source of where cocoa comes from. Work alongside the world class chocolatiers at Melt teaching and guiding you through the chocolate making process.

Childrens Lollipop Course

The children lollipop course is described as an “Amazing experience”, “Melt is a lovely shop” and “One of my highlights of my trip to London.” Ideal for Birthday parties or just for fun and getting creative.

Brownie Making Course

You will learn how to Bake Brownies to perfection with Melt's World Class Chocolatiers. Bake your own Brownies or Mississippi Mud Pie with a special Melt recipe. This is a Masterclass in chocolate. Take home your creations in one of our stylish boxes. The class will be held at Melt's Kitchen Luxury Boutique in Notting Hill and will last approximately 2 hrs.

Make your own Sea Salted Bonbons

Make your own chocolate Salted Praline - guided by our world-class chocolatiers. This course is loved by locals and celebrities alike. A unique experience in London and a new skill to acquire. Our classes is described by clients as their "best experience in London". Lots of tasting chocolate in a beautiful Notting Hill boutique.

Macaroon Course

If you are tempted to learn how to make this sublime yet technically challenging delicacy, then sign up to one of our Macaroon making classes in our Notting Hill kitchen.

Bean-to-Bar | Make your own Personal Bar

Make your own personal bar of chocolate - Bean-to-Bar with Melt's world class team. We will guide you through all the steps from the raw cocoa bean to your very own unique bar of chocolate. This is a unique experience in London. Melt is following its highly rated, 5 star ranked Chocolate bonbon course with the ultimate chocolate experience of Bean-to-Bar. The process is a beautiful, immersive, informative and interactive. You will have a hands-on experience of making your own chocolate bar. During the course you will turn the raw cocoa beans, through winnowing, roasting, refining / and tempering to the final stage of eating.

Blindfold Chocolate Tastings & Talk

A delicious combination of chocolate tasting and the history of chocolate. You will taste chocolate (if you would like at times -blindfold) to allow a slow and proper appreciation of all its flavours. We will teach you how to taste chocolate properly. The talk will allow you to taste lots of the world's best chocolate in a beautiful boutique in the heart of Notting Hill. This talk combines amazing chocolate tasting whilst also learning about the fascinating history of chocolate. We will teach you how to taste chocolate and let it melt on your mouth. The very origins of Melt Chocolate.

Melt Course Gift Voucher

A fabulous way to get to experience chocolate and macaroons. Our Gift Vouchers are redeemable towards any of our Chocolate and Macaroon making workshops and so are a wonderful gift for children and adults alike. A fun yet informative introduction to the fascinating world of chocolate. With greater variety than wine, and roots that spread much further than Belgium and Switzerland, what could be better than learning about Chocolate and Eating it at the same time.