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Melt’s Best Chocolate Making Classes – London

December 7th, 2022

Chocolate making classes – London

Get the chocolate experience at Melt’s chocolate making classes, London. Ever wanted to learn how to make chocolate? Well you’ve come to the right place. Melt’s professional chocolatiers will take you on the some of the best chocolate making classes in London.

Melt has a whole array of different chocolate making workshops, from cocktails and chocolate to kids parties.

Chocolate making experiences are a great activity to partake in when you are visiting or exploring London. You do not need any pior knowledge to come to a chocolate workshop, you just need enthusiasm and a passion for chocolate!

Don’t which course would suit you? We want to help you choose the best chocolate making experience in London.

1. Melt’s Chocolate Making Masterclass – London

Length: 3 hours

Price: £135 per person

So, firstly, if you want the whole package, we would recommend Melt Chocolate’s Master Class. This is an extensive chocolatier course that takes place in Notting Hill, London. We are combining our 3 best-selling chocolate courses into a comprehensive and immersive 3 hour session.

You will learn how to make your own ganache, how to temper chocolate, enrobe your bonbons, make your own chocolate bars from the beans… and much more!

Creating an amazing chocolate bar from a cocoa bean is a wonderful process. Melt’s team of top chefs will guide you through this magical transformation.

You will be working alongside the world-class chocolatiers at Melt. Our chocolatiers are described by clients as warm, fun and super knowledgable.

2. Bean to Bar Course – London

Length: 1.2 hours

Price: £45 per person

Melt’s Bean to Bar chocolate workshop is great for those who want a shorter and more affordable course to learn how to make chocolate. Yet they still want to learn and taste chocolate along the way.


In Melt’s Bean-to-bar chocolate workshop you will learn how to make a chocolate bar from a cocoa bean. This is a wonderful process! Melt host Natalie will guide you through this magical transformation, every step of the way and will interweave the history of chocolate and tasting. She will teach you how the Aztecs created such beautiful cocoa.

Then, you will begin to make the chocolate! We will teach you how to sort the cocoa beans and then roast them. Then we will then crack and winnow them. Next, with a pestle and mortar, we will grind the chocolate beans until they are fine. Afterwards, you will taste the chocolate at each stage to see how the flavours of the chocolate changes and develops over time. This journey releases different flavours notes. It is a very exciting sensory experience.

At the end, after you’ve learnt the history of chocolate and made your own bar, straight from the cocoa bean – you will get to hand-wrap your chocolate bar and take it home with you in a designer Melt bag.

3. Virtual Chocolate Tastings

Length: 1.2 hours

Price: £45 per person

This chocolate making experience is perfect for Corporate events or a social occasion where not everyone can travel into London for it. Team Building recommended us in their blog 34 Virtual Valentine’s Day Ideas, Games & Activities in 2022. Magazine Stylist also recommended our Virtual Chocolate Tastings as a great gift to give on Christmas in their article
Best chocolate gifts: 33 tasty chocolate Christmas gifts, from stylish artisan bars to festive sharing boxes.


Taste some of the best chocolates in the world at home with a wonderful library of chocolate delivered directly to your door. The chocolate tasting will include single-origin chocolates from amazing estates in Madagascar, The Philippines, Papua New Guinea and our wild bar from the rainforest in the Bolivian Amazon.

Melt will teach you how to taste chocolate, to enhance its flavour and savour the complexity and different taste notes. A melt in your mouth experience – which is how our business got its name. A fabulous way to enjoy at home one of the foodie highlights of Notting Hill and experience chocolate tasting with London’s Most Luxurious Chocolate Company. The story of chocolate is a beautiful one and the tasting brings it alive.

4. Kid’s Lollipop Chocolate Class – London

Length: 1 hour

Price: £39.99 per person

For those of you who have kids who love chocolate as much as you do we have a great chocolate making class for them! The perfect course for birthday parties and special occasions. Teach your children how to make chocolate, as well as how to enjoy it. We take children as young as 6.


Unleash your kids creativity – as they personalise their own chocolate lollipop and chocolates. They will get to pour and decorate their own lollipop, while our chocolatiers entertain and teach them fun facts about chocolate.

Other Chocolate Making Classes – London

We have many more fun and engaging Chocolate making experiences in London, such as our
Brownie making course or our Praline making course.



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