New products

Gold Bar

This exquisite gianduja bar it's silky and velvety. It's nuts are roasted and caramelised and after blended into our 50% milk dark chocolate. The smooth texture mixed with the nutty flavour will make you fall in love again with chocolate.

Christmas Robin

Simply adorable and a lovely, original design to give you little ones for Christmas. You can decorate them and put a personal touch. Our Robin has been carefully design in-house to join our growing family of cute animals chocolate gifts. A handmade milk chocolate ‘tummy’ sphere is filled with little chocolate buttons. Handmade and hand wrapped in our kitchen.

Large Penguin

Melt's Chocolate penguin is perfect for personalisation! Our adorable chocolate Penguins are a fabulous gift for all ages Designed in-house, the Melt penguins have a chocolate ’tummy’ filled with chocolate buttons. Plastic free packaging as we are trying keep the largest garden in the world - the Oceans - plastic free.

Penguin Family

Our adorable Penguin Family! The cutest of the gifts, specially for the little ones Designed in house, the Melt penguins have a chocolate ’tummy’ filled with chocolate buttons and chocolate pearls.


You won’t be able to resist the new Melt Hedgehog. Designed in house, the Melt hedgehog has a chocolate ‘tummy’ filled with chocolate buttons. The packaging is totally recyclable and has been designed for little ones to decorate and personalise. The once common hedgehog is under threat from development and habitat loss. Please garden in a wildlife friendly way, don’t be too tidy and leave logs and leaves for them to make a home in. Always check a bonfire before you light it, they may have made their home there.

Tree Diamond Treats

PRE-ORDER NEW! We have used a bespoke marble design throughout our Christmas collection this year. The delightful rich green and rosy red diamond decorations are filled with six seasonal spiced chocolate tabs. Adorn your tree with our unique diamond-shaped decorations that are both festive inside and out; or fill a big bowl with these delectable decorations for instant Christmas table appeal! Milk chocolate with sea salt. Dark chocolate with mix spices.