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Chocolate Caramels

This wonderful recipe gives a powerful chocolate hit followed by a deliciously creamy aftertaste. The lecithin helps to emulsify the mixture . You can buy lecithin granules from healthfood shops but if you can't get hold of any, just leave it out - the fat will separate out slightly but the caramels will still taste delicious

Dark Chocolate and Beetroot Cake

This divine Recipe is not dissimilar in theory to the well established carrot cake. The beetroot adds texture and moisture rather than any dissectible flavour. The version includes a thick, dark chocolate topping. This hard shell contrasts very well with the soft, moist cake,but for speed this is the optional and the cake can instead be served warm from the oven. For the topping, I like to use a smoky, earthy, single estate dark chocolate from Sao Tome, an island off the west coast of Africa, which is a chocolate we stock at Melt. Alternatively, use a dark chocolate with at least 60% cocoa solids.