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Our Chocolate Toolbox – 6 Pieces of Equipment Every Chocolatier Must Have

August 17th, 2021

There are certain tools or equipment every chocolatier must have. No artist can create a masterpiece without the right tools and chocolate making is no exception.

While there may be certain recipes that may not require professional chocolate tools, if quality and finesse are what you’re looking for, a chocolate toolbox is essential.

Whether it is for tempering chocolate for fancy desserts or creating elegant truffles and bonbons, you can get delicious and aesthetically pleasing creations with the right tools.

That said, if you’re looking to buy professional chocolate tools to start your journey of being a chocolatier, you’ve come to the right place. At Melt, with our vast experience in creating delicious chocolates over the years, we know the essential chocolate-making tools every chocolatier needs.

In this guide we will take you through the equipment every chocolatier must have. We’ve put together a list of basic yet essential tools that can help you progress from an amateur to a professional chocolatier and also create stunning chocolates.

Let’s take a look!

1. Palette Knife

A palette knife is perhaps one of the most essential pieces of chocolate-making equipment; so much so that it is a must-have for every chocolatier.

This knife has a flat rounded blade that lets you smooth out or temper chocolate on a smooth flat surface to avoid any lumps. Additionally, if you’re looking to get silky smooth chocolate to add to your dessert or are simply making fancy gourmet chocolate, your work will become much easier with this equipment.

In the chocolate-making process, many things can go wrong and creating smooth cocoa treats is not as easy as it seems. However, with a palette knife, you can ensure glossy and smooth chocolates that look as delicious as they taste.

2. Chocolate Moulds

Once the chocolate is tempered and smoothened out, filling it in a mould is essential to let it form a proper shape and set well. With delicate treats like bonbons, truffles, or even praline cups, a mould is necessary for the creation process.

From intricate patterns and swirls to simple lines, there are many different designs and types of chocolate moulds that you can opt for. If you’re looking to make chocolate bars, there are special moulds for them that you can easily find online.


3. Different Sized Spatulas

A handy tool in most culinary pursuits, a spatula is another must-have chocolate making equipment. From stirring the chocolate in the vessel to emptying it in the moulds, a spatula is very helpful as it prevents any ingredient from sticking to it.

This means that you can easily transfer your chocolate onto the flat surface or in the mould without creating a mess. Moreover, they’re extremely easy to clean making them a great piece of equipment.



4. Thermometer

For any dessert or sweet treat that requires cooking and tempering, a thermometer is a must-have. Since many of us are likely unable to properly understand when the chocolate mixture has reached the ideal temperature, a thermometer can do the job for you.

Each chocolate type has different temperatures; dark chocolate needs to be at 28° whereas milk chocolate is ideal at 27-28°. With a thermometer, you can ensure you cool down the mixture and set it at the right time to get a good texture on your chocolate.



5. Whisk

A no-brainer tool in every chocolate making kit is a whisk. We all know how handy a whisk is, especially if you don’t have an electronic mixer or related equipment. To achieve that smooth, velvety ganache, whisking the mix correctly and quickly is essential.

The fat particles can evenly disperse throughout the mixture with a whisk and help create a lump-free mixture. Ideal for mixing batter and creating fillings for pralines and truffles, a whisk is every chocolatiers must-have tool.



6. Piping Bags And Nozzles

With piping bags and nozzles, filling chocolate moulds becomes much easier. Using a spoon for this can get quite messy with a possibility of unevenness in the moulds themselves.

Since being organised with the fillings is essential to create aesthetically pleasing chocolates, a piping bag is the best tool for you to go about this. Additionally, with the different-sized nozzles, you can find the right one for your dessert or chocolate creation.

So…we hope we have taken you through a comprehensive guide of all the most essential equipment every chocolatier must have.

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