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Our Favourite Christmas Activities for the Little Ones (…the Big Ones Too!)

December 15th, 2020

Christmas activities can be notoriously messy; bits of paper snowflakes scattered on the floor, glitter on your face and fake snow in your hair. Nevertheless, these activities make for a crucial part of your festive fun and aren’t necessarily messy.

That said, at Melt Chocolates, we’ve put together some of our best Christmas activities for children (and the grown ups) to enjoy this holiday season.

Whether you’re planning a small get-together with your close friends (the one’s from your support bubble, of course) or simply celebrating with your children and other family members, our ideas will surely help add the ‘Merry’ in your Christmas!

Let’s dive in!

Create an Advent Calendar

With a fortnight to go until Christmas, it’s not too late to create your own Advent Calendar.

Buy Melt's Advent Calendar as a part of our favourite Christmas activities

To add that extra holiday flair, why not turn this into a fun family activity? You could wrap yourself in warm clothes, grab a flask of delicious hot chocolate and explore the nearby park while collecting foliage for the calendar.

If you don’t fancy venturing out, it’s alright – you can make your Advent Calendar right from the comfort of your home or better yet, order one online from our bespoke Christmas collection.

Either way, counting the days until Christmas is a cherished tradition you can share with the little ones.

Bake Festive-Themed Biscuits

Baking festive-themed biscuits is an excellent way to have fun. It’s one of the best Christmas activities to share with your children or grandchildren while also rewarding them for their hard work.

Brownies, mud pies and cookies - gorge on delicious sweet treats this christmas

Why not also bake some heavenly chocolate brownies and mud pies to go with those biscuits?

What’s more, we highly recommend our dark chocolate Christmas tree and crackers, stocking socks, Christmas gnome and more to add that extra holiday cheer to your fun activities.

Play Board Games In the Evening

Excitement levels are at an all time high on Christmas eve, so ensure you make it a memorable one for the whole family (and for yourself too!).

Bring those board games out of the attic, put your game face on and participate in a friendly family competition. Why not raise the stakes and play for prizes – bonus points if they’re tasty chocolate treats!

Have Your Own Christmas Treasure Hunt

We all have our holiday traditions and while we cherish them, it’s important to keep things fresh and interesting, especially when children are involved. To keep the spirits running high, why not put together a small treasure hunt as a part of your fun Christmas activities?

Make our Chocolate Christmas Tree a Part of Your Christmas Festivities

After a day full of craft sessions and board games, having your own evening treasure hunt is a thrilling prospect. You can hide goodies in every corner of your home and leave hints lying around for your kids.

Host a Chocolate Tasting Event

Perfect for all ages, you can’t go wrong with a chocolate tasting event. If you’re not sure how to host one, then check out a few articles online.

Alternatively, you could simply choose to take a digital tour of our virtual and on-site experiences from the comfort of your living room.

Enjoy your favourite Christmas activities even more with a cup of hot chocolate

While you may struggle to visit Mexico, Madagascar or Bolivia at the moment, we can bring some of their best chocolates to you through our online chocolate tasting classes. A great Christmas activity, our on site experience makes it possible for you to taste luxurious chocolates from around the world in new and surprising ways.

Write Thank You Letters

Christmas is about indulging in delicious food and unwrapping presents while sitting under the Christmas tree. However, when you’re done eating and opening presents, what should you do next?

While cosying up in front of your TV to watch a Christmas film is a great idea, why not try something different this time? With so much distance between us this year, why not take a moment with the family to write ‘thank you’ letters to the loved ones you’ve not been able to meet this festive season.

Now, isn’t that the perfect way to end your Christmas?

Order Your Chocolate Christmas Hampers Today

This festive season is all about having fun and spending time with your family.

With last orders coming up soon, make it fun and exciting by including some of the best Christmas activities from our list above and don’t forget to order your box of luxury chocolate gifts for that added holiday flair.

Place your order online today to receive the best chocolate gift and make this Christmas memorable for everyone.



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