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Our Top 6 Best Wedding Favour Chocolates

June 1st, 2021

The biggest challenge anyone faces while selecting wedding gifts for guests is to cater to everyone’s tastes. This is what makes chocolates as wedding favours such a brilliant choice. With numerous things to decide, order and plan for the wedding, having certain tasks taken care of can make all the difference.

That said, chocolates serve as universally liked gifts that bring joy; they’re a great wedding favour idea. The temptation of these delectable cocoa treats is irresistible to many and with the numerous options available, you can find a flavour profile that will appeal to everyone.

At Melt, our scrumptious chocolates crafted by world-class chocolatiers serve as one of the best wedding favour sweets. With sustainable and elegant packaging around these delicious gourmet treats, all your wedding guests are going to be impressed by these wedding favours.

With this in mind, we’ve put together our top chocolates for wedding favours that are mouth-watering and delectable.

Without further ado, let’s take a look!

1. Bespoke Wedding Bars

Crunchy feuilletine in silky milk chocolate – that’s what Melt’s wedding bars are all about!

Chocolates For Wedding Favours; Melt's Bespoke Chocolate Bars

We’re currently in the process of launching our new wedding chocolate bars – perfect for wedding favour boxes, or as gifts to the bride and groom. These divine bars are enclosed in minimalist yet aesthetic packaging that increases their appeal.

To place your order and for other inquiries, give us a call today!

2. Love Milk Bar

The silkiness of milk chocolate when combined with a crunchy feuilletine, creates an irresistible milk bar and that’s what Melt’s Love Milk Bar is all about!

hocolates For Wedding Favours; Melts Love Milk Bar 45g

A delicious cocoa treat, this milk bar comes in simple yet elegant packaging. Moreover, since it has a straightforward classic flavour profile, this chocolate bar is a great idea for wedding favours.

3. Personalised Gift Boxes In Cream

Our beautiful set of 20 cream gift boxes are the perfect choice for weddings.

Chocolates For Wedding Favours; Melt's Set of 20 Gift Boxes of 2 - Cream

If you’re looking for personalised chocolate favours, we highly recommend these stunning gift boxes. You can select any two flavours of your choice that will go into these beautiful soft cream boxes.

We also offer duck egg blue colour boxes that go well with many colour schemes and are another great choice for you to consider.

4. Maldon Sea Salt Caramels

If you’re looking for something different from the usual gourmet chocolates, our Maldon Sea Salt Caramels are something you should consider.

Melt's Maldon Sea Salt Caramels as a gift idea for wedding favours

The combination of caramel and sea salt work harmoniously to create a classic and unforgettable taste; they’re sure to appeal to various palettes.

Additionally, its soft and creamy texture further enhances the taste of the chocolate making it a great wedding favour sweet.

5. Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Discs

Sea salt and dark chocolate have become an increasingly popular combination amongst people of all ages. The subtle rich taste of dark chocolate combined with the salt creates a collision of delicious flavours.

Sea Salt Chocolates as an idea for wedding favours; Melt's Dark Sea Salt Discs

Melt’s Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Discs are delicately crafted thin chocolate discs sprinkled with sea salt.

These sea salt discs are also vegan-friendly. This means if you’re looking for luxury chocolate wedding favours, these amazing chocolates are definitely something you should consider!

6. Sugar-Free Dark Chocolate

If you’re looking for sugar-free chocolates, our Dark Chocolate Bar is something to look out for! With the omission of refined sugar, these chocolates still deliver great intense and rich cocoa flavours while also upholding chocolate satisfaction.

Sugar-free chocolates as a gift for wedding guests; Melt's Sugar-Free Dark Bar

We also have a delicious Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Bar and 100% Bold Dark Bar that can serve as great alternatives to this delicious cocoa bar.

Visit Melt To Find Scrumptious Chocolates For Wedding Favours

For your special day, you deserve the absolute best.

Let us be part of this with our luxurious wedding favour chocolates. With our elegant packaging and delicious flavours, your guests are going to have a big smile on their faces.

We also offer vegan and sugar-free chocolates along with fresh chocolate gift boxes that you could consider for your special day.

To place your order, get in touch with us today!



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