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6 Most Popular Chocolate Pairings

September 21st, 2021

Chocolate in itself is a luxury treat for every mood of yours! 

At Melt, we, in fact, consider luxury chocolate tasting as one of the supreme experiences that you must absolutely indulge in. We therefore cater to this delightful experience by creating chocolates that suit your taste and preferences; meaning, be it vegan or sugar-free, we have it all!

Having said that, when it comes to chocolates, they’re not only full of flavour and deliciously moreish, but also surprisingly versatile. Put simply, they can be easily paired with any kind of food and drink.

Sure, chocolate in its purest form is the finest when it comes to taste. However, if you’re feeling a little adventurous, we have curated a list of popular chocolate pairings for you to try for yourself. Be prepared though – while these pairings might seem unconventional, they do work really well together! 

Let’s take a look! 

1. Coffee and Chocolate

Popular Chocolate Pairings; Melt's coffee dark bar in a flat lay.

Coffee stands true to the ultimate test of taste; so does chocolate! However, when you combine these together, you can taste absolute heaven – a kind of deliciousness that soothes your soul.

Building on that, it is no secret that this combination has become one of the most popular chocolate pairings through the years, but there’s always something new that you can try. 

Perhaps you could pair the right kinds of both these ingredients together. For instance, blending dark chocolate with dark coffee like bold Italian roasts can give you the perfect mocha; plus you get to indulge in the healthy benefits that eating dark chocolate provides.

Similarly, for milk chocolate, you can choose medium roasts like Colombian coffee whereas when it comes to white chocolate, given the flavours are super mild, it tastes best when combined with Costa Rican roasts.

2. Nuts and Chocolate

Popular Chocolate Pairings; Pistachio filled chocolates.

Similar to how certain kinds of coffee roasts combine and taste well with particular kinds of chocolate, there are some nuts that go really well with chocolates. 

For instance, if you consider peanuts, almonds, pecans and hazelnuts – they blend perfectly with dark chocolate for you to devour. On the other hand, walnuts being a bit milder in flavour, go well with milk chocolate. 

Similarly, when it comes to white chocolate, nuts like macadamia work wonderfully as they give you a melt-in-your-mouth experience the moment you taste it. 

3. Different Kinds of Cheese 

Another favourite amongst the popular chocolate pairings is cheese and chocolate. While this might sound unconventional to you, with the right kind of combination, it can become one of your favourite delicacies to enjoy! 

Again, the kind of cheese you use will be responsible for bringing out the true essence of chocolate. 

Generally, lighter and creamier cheeses combine well with higher and creamier chocolates. However, pungent cheeses, like blue or goat cheese, taste better with dark chocolate. This is because the dark counterpart complements stringer flavours. 

4. Fruit and Chocolate

Melt's orange slices dipped in dark chocolate.

Chocolate dipped strawberries and cherries are one thing, but you might have not experienced the deliciousness that chocolate-dipped mangoes and pears can give you. 

This popular chocolate pairing will leave you with a lot of flexibility to experiment with; but while you’re at it, do consider the type of chocolate and fruit that you choose. For instance, dark chocolates will naturally taste better with sweeter fruits such as ripe strawberries, mangoes and bananas. However, for white chocolate, acidic or mild-flavoured fruits work the best. 

Give this blog a read to find out more about such irresistible fruit and chocolate pairings.

5. Salty Treats 

Popular Chocolate Pairings; Melt's Milk Salted Feuillantine Box.

Chocolate and sea salt has recently gained popularity amongst all the dessert lovers – and for a reason!

Having said that, along with this pairing, another strand of popular choice is where chocolate is paired with a secondary, a saltier treat like pretzels and bacon. 

That said, the options for salty treats combined with chocolate are endless because the combination of sweet and salty can come in handy for your neverending sugar/salty craving days.

6. Tea and Chocolate

Black Tea served with chocolate on the side on a wooden table.

Like our luxury and quality chocolates, quality tea is also a simple luxury and pairing them together is going to make your high-tea experiences better than ever! 

All you have to do is take a bite of our chocolates and sip on your favourite tea; let these flavours get twisted on your tongue and you’ll get to experience how they complement each other to bring out their hidden tastes. 

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