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Melt's Chocolate Bar Collection

Dark Chocolate & Sea Salted Caramel Bar

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Milk Chocolate & Salted Caramel Bar

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Tahitian Vanilla

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We have a huge, exciting and diverse chocolate bar range – choose from Superfood bar to our Wild Bar. Flavours include Sea Salt Milk, Sugar-Free, Raspberry, Almonds, Caramelised Popcorn or even Toast & Marmalade! All our bars are made in-house in our Notting Hill and Holland Park kitchens by our team of world-class chocolatiers. We don’t use plastic in our packaging – so we leave a small footprint on our planet. Our Chocolates include Vegan chocolates, which are plastic-free – with minimal food miles and Sugar-Free Chocolate. Melt’s Bars represent the Best of British chocolate from London’s most luxurious chocolate company. 

We sell Award-Winning Chocolate bars – including sugar-free, vegan chocolates and quintessentially British Chocolates such as Toast & Marmalade.

You don’t have to read between the lines here!

Combining the best of both the chocolate and literary worlds, our collection of luxury chocolate bars and library are filled with an exceptional range of interesting and delicious flavours!

At Melt Chocolates, our gourmet chocolate bars and library are not only handmade in-house using the world’s best cocoa beans but they also make for a perfect reading accompaniment. 

Why not explore our collection of best chocolate bars and indulge in what Melt’s professional chocolatiers have created for your delight and wonder?

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Best Luxury Chocolate Bars - Enjoy A Moment of Sweet Serenity

All of us need a moment to relax and recharge; what better way to unwind from the monotony of life than with our collection of top luxury chocolate bars!

At Melt, our gourmet chocolate bars embrace moments of chocolatey goodness while preserving the environment that helps us cultivate these delicious experiences. 

Available in a variety of flavours, everytime you bite into these choco creations, you enjoy the high quality ingredients and feel good, knowing that you’re supporting the preservation of our nature.

Fresh from the Notting Hill Kitchen - Chocolate Bars That Are a Treat from First to Last Bite

Full to the brim with creative combinations and flavours, our incredible range of best luxury chocolate bars are simply delicious.

From a silky, smooth sea salt chocolate bar to something more exotic like our orange dark chocolate and popcorn milk chocolate bar, we have a suitable flavour for every taste bud!

Luxury Milk Chocolate Bars

Why not rediscover the milk chocolate bar and it’s sweet heavenly taste you loved as a kid – now in an array of mouthwatering flavours!

Browse through our collection of luxury milk chocolate bars available in decadent flavours, like toast & marmalade, popcorn, pistachio, sea salt caramel and hazelnut. 

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Luxury Dark Chocolate Bars

Calling all the dark chocolate-devotees; our collection of dark chocolate bars are just what you’re looking for.

Nothing less than a haven of deep, intense and semi-sweet deliciousness, these luxury chocolate bars are available in every imaginable flavour. From sea salt and coffee dark bar to mint and wild dark chocolate, we have an option to suit every fancy!

Chocolate Bar Libraries

Perfect for the student of all things chocolate, our chocolate bar libraries are available in three tempting collections – Vegan, Fruits & Nuts and Nuts & Salt Chocolate Library.

Every library includes an assortment of lip smacking flavours that guarantees to delight both you and the recipient. 

Handmade by our professional chocolatiers and hand tied with a satin ribbon in our Holland Park kitchen, these chocolate bar libraries are ready to be devoured. This is where collectible meets delectable!

Vegan Chocolate Bars

Free from dairy and gluten, our delicious collection of vegan chocolate bars are perfect for all the health conscious chocolate lovers out there!

At Melt Chocolates, our vegan bars are the best way to experience the distinctive taste and rich notes of chocolates. Available in different flavours like Solomon Islands, Bolivia and orange, these luxury chocolate bars will not disappoint.



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