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Nut Chocolate Bars


A selection of delicious nut chocolate bars and slabs. Generous in hazelnuts, pistachios and almonds.

Whether you prefer chocolate bars, slabs or gianduja spreads, we’ve got something for all of you!

Here you will find some of our most luxury chocolate products, such as the decadent Gold bar, or the beautifully packaged Pistachio blonde white chocolate bar.

Try our chocolate and nut slabs – “Less is more” is the very essence of our slabs. Great chocolate and great nuts. By removing excess we let our chocolate do the talking. The natural simplicity lightly roasted piedmont hazelnuts and poured over tempered chocolate. The beauty of chocolate and nuts cannot be beaten.

Our luxury nut chocolate bars and slabs incorporate the highest quality organic ingredients, hand-picked to tantalise the taste buds, and are packed with exceptional flavours, designed to create a taste sensation. All of our chocolate recipes are carefully crafted to ensure maximum flavour with each and every bite.

Fresh and sublime our chocolates are handcrafted in Notting Hill by Melt’s world-class chocolatiers. Our luxury chocolates are boxed in beautiful minimalist-designed packaging which is plastic-free to help our environment.

We have vegan and sugar-free chocolate options for those who want to enjoy our sweet treats that fit within their dietary requirements.

large hazelnut gianduja cake

Gianduja Chocolate Cake

chocolate and hazelnut gianduja spread

Hazelnut & Chocolate Gianduja Spread

Gianduja chocolate hazelnut house

Gianduja House

Stacked Chocolate Slabs leaning against each other upright with box behind

Chocolate Slab Gift Box

Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Slab

Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Slab


Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Slab

Hazelnut & Dark Chocolate GiandujaDark Chocolate and Hazelnut Gianduja

Dark Chocolate & Hazelnut Gianduja Terrine

Milk Chocolate & Hazelnut Gianduja TerrineMilk Chocolate Gianduja Terrine

Milk Chocolate & Hazelnut Gianduja Terrine


Milk Chocolate and Pistachio Gianduja Terrine

Hazelnut Dark Chocolate Bar

Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Bar

Hazelnut Milk Chocolate Bar

Hazelnut Milk Chocolate Bar

Almond 50% Chocolate Bar

Almond 50% Chocolate Bar



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