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Luxury Easter Eggs

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Indulge this Easter with handcrafted, luxury Easter eggs from Melt Chocolates’ online store – now with completely plastic-free packaging. The same delicious Melt experience, with none of the guilt. Help us protect nature’s largest garden, our oceans, from the scourge of single-use plastic. 

Enjoy our luxury, sustainably sourced chocolate eggs, including vegan, dark chocolate and sea salt. We also offer a range of hand-painted gourmet Van Gogh eggs, as well as “decorate at home” chocolate Easter bunnies for the children.

With our indulgent Easter eggs, we guarantee zero plastic – just delicious treats.

If you’re looking for an even more environmentally friendly option, we have a selection of vegan Easter eggs:

Wild Chocolate – Handcrafted, deliciously smooth chocolate with notes of fruit, using wild chocolate from our delectable luxury vegan Wild Bar. This gorgeous golden flecked Chocolate Easter egg is made from beans sourced from wild Amazon rainforest cocoa trees and organically grown cocoa beans from Bolivia – an exquisite blend of multinational flavours in one vegan treat.

Dark Sea Salt – Our devastatingly gorgeous, luxury Dark Sea Salt vegan Easter eggs are made with 70% dark chocolate and speckled with high-quality sea salt throughout. Every bite is a heavenly, pallet explosive experience.

Strawberry – This out-of-the-box vegan Easter egg is an unforgettable chocolate eggs. Imagine dark chocolate coated in strawberries; a classic turned on its head. Handcrafted with 70% luxury dark chocolate, real strawberries and topped with a passion fruit stem, these are the perfect Instagramable vegan Easter egg treat. Order online today.

The Fruits of the Forest – As the name suggests, this vegan dark chocolate Easter egg is filled with a mixture of natural forest fruits and delicious roasted pistachios. The vegan chocolate itself holds notes of berries, making every bite taste like a black forest gateau.

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Easter Bunny Eggs

If you have an aspiring Van Gogh at home, our adorable gourmet Easter bunnies are perfect for you! Available online in mini and large in a plethora of colours, Melt’s inventive bunny shaped cardboard packaging allows your little ones to get creative and personalise their own Easter bunny. 

If decorating your bunny isn’t exciting enough, it’s tummy is filled with luxury milk chocolate for you to devour. What’s more, there are crunchy pearl surprises inside the bellies of every small little creature you buy.

Acorn Easter Eggs

Our luxury Acorn Easter Eggs come in small and large varieties, perfect for little or large hands. These exquisitely designed chocolate eggs hold a special place in our hearts. As oak trees resonate deeply in the roots of Notting Hill – and Britain – from “small acorns mighty oaks grow”. 

Buy these imaginatively designed Easter eggs online and experience their exquisite milk and dark chocolate flavours with an almond Rocher cup, along with a tasty candied orange tail.

Virtual Easter Egg Experience

Looking to get creative this Easter from the comfort of your own home? Take a look at our online Virtual Easter Egg Experience.

With this online experience package, you become Willy Wonka for the day! Virtually, you shall be guided by our very own chocolatiers in creating and designing your own chocolate Easter Egg. This is your friends and family’s opportunity to “win the golden ticket” to luxury chocolate Easter egg decorating.

In your package, you’ll receive your own delicious luxury milk chocolate Easter egg, along with an array of chocolate flavours and extra treats to garnish your chocolate egg with too – all wrapped up inside a beautiful Melt Drippy Box.

If you’re thinking of buying your Easter treats online, but worried about their mileage, we have you covered. We reduce our carbon footprint by handcrafting all of our luxury chocolate Easter eggs at our store in the heart of Notting Hill.

Handmade Luxury Easter Eggs

Savour the unique flavours of Melt Chocolate’s award winning luxury handmade chocolate Easter eggs. Handmade by our master chocolatiers in Notting Hill, every egg is special and unique, made just for it’s intended recipient. With dark chocolate and milk chocolate Easter eggs to enjoy, you’re sure to find something perfect from Melt.

Plastic-Free Easter Eggs

Since our founding in 2005, Melt has been proud to be plastic-free in all our core products. Delivered in entirely plastic-free designer gift boxes, our core ethos exudes luxury and sustainability.

With recyclability at the core of all our packaging choices, once you’ve finished enjoying your Easter egg, we encourage you to dispose of any packaging responsibly.

Sustainability doesn’t have to mean compromise on quality – we’re certain you’ll love our plastic-free luxury Easter eggs.



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