Milk Hot Chocolate Blocks Set of 4

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Milk Hot Chocolate Blocks Set of 4

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Warm yourself up with our innovative Hot Chocolate Blocks. “Indulgence rarely comes easier than this: for a luscious chocolate drink, simply dissolve one of Melt’s chocolate blocks in a cup of hot milk – and voila! The stylishly wrapped blocks come in several different flavours…” House and Garden magazine Dec 2009. The perfect hot chocolate gift set from Melt, London’s Most Luxurious Chocolate Company dedicated to Making Chocolate Great again.

Are you looking for something that’s not only rich and deliciously creamy but also gently warming and mouthwateringly moreish?

At Melt Chocolates, our professional chocolatiers work together to handcraft a hot chocolate mix like no other. Made to be luscious and super delicious, our luxury hot chocolates promise you deep cocoa flavours with incredible smoothness!

We also use high-quality ingredients and shaved flakes of real chocolate to give you the best luxury hot chocolate drink that lets you taste the nuanced notes of cocoa in every sip.

Full of authentic flavours, deeply chocolatey and extremely comforting, our luxury hot chocolate set is perfect for every taste and every mood!

Browse through our selection of the best hot chocolate drinks and place your order online today.

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Luxury Hot Chocolate - For Every Taste and Every Mood

At Melt, we want you to taste our gourmet hot chocolate the way it’s meant to be – simple, delicious and pure!

Our luxury hot chocolates are made from organic cocoa solids, sugar and cocoa butter, meaning you’re sure to enjoy its soul-soothing flavours without any hidden additives.

What’s more, our rich hot chocolates are quite easy to make and are perfect for every taste bud and palette. All you need to do is heat 200ml of milk in a pan, add our chocolate buttonetts or blocks and whisk until it’s fully combined. 

Pour it in your favourite cup (perhaps add some marshmallows) – and voila!

Hot Chocolate On a Stick - A Unique and Fun Way to Make Hot Chocolates

Our melt-in-your-mouth hot chocolate blocks, true to their namesake, are just that – delectable blocks of chocolate that you can dunk in a hot cup of milk. It’s a simple yet fun way to make yourself a cup of rich and creamy chocolate drink.

As simple as stirring the blocks in hot cream or milk, our stylishly wrapped hot chocolate blocks are handmade in the heart of Notting Hill and available in two different flavours.

Milk Hot Chocolate Blocks

London’s most luxurious, pure and delicate chocolate, our milk hot chocolate blocks are sublime and milky, which makes them a perfect option for those with a sweet tooth!

Dark Hot Chocolate Blocks

The purest block of chocolate with an intense flavour and enticing dark edge, our dark hot chocolate on a stick is a decadent way to concoct and enjoy a cup of bitter yet divinely creamy and comforting hot chocolate.

High Quality, Pure Ingredients - A Pack Full of Divine Cocoa Goodness

A luxurious way to indulge in the goodness of cocoa, Melt Chocolates’ hot chocolate mix is simply irresistible and we can see why.

Made from the finest quality of cocoa beans and cocoa butter, our pack of hot chocolate buttonettes are perfectly balanced, meaning they’re not too sweet and not too bitter. 

Just stir them in hot milk and top it with whipped cream – your rich and lip-smacking cup of luxury hot chocolate will be ready in no time!

Melt’s Luxury Hot Chocolate - 100% Happiness Guaranteed

At Melt, our chocolatiers make the best luxury hot chocolate with 100% ethically sourced cocoa.

We work closely with the best chocolate producers across the globe and source ingredients only from companies that adhere to the principles of supporting the environment and the local community.

Our professional chocolatiers work hard to ensure that our gourmet hot chocolates are authentic, ethical and original while guaranteeing 100% happiness.



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