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Hot Chocolate & Hedonism – a Hygge Heaven

What you will do




Hot Chocolate & Hedonism – a Hyyge Heaven :

 -An Experience all about fun and well-being, hedonism.


 Make Your own Amazing Hot Chocolate in Melt, Notting Hill – a Hedonist’s Delight


A Well-being experience in which you will enjoy cocoa by candlelight, enjoy a “cosiness of the soul”. Hygge is all about creating intimacy and warmth.  On this course, you will learn the art of making amazing hot chocolates and how to create that feeling of “hygge”.  An escape from the modern world and its stresses and enjoyment of the simple pleasures of life like hot chocolate. Hedonism is back – and hot chocolate is the ultimate luxury.


You will make the best hot chocolate with your very own personal touch and flavours. You can make the most hedonistic hot chocolate you can. Single Origin hot chocolates with great chocolate – with whipped cream, toasted marshmallows and unique flavours. This course is all about simple pleasures, self-esteem and self-love. 

Great hot chocolate is a stress buster, a great way to boost your mood and feel good. Chocolate releases dopamine into the brain – which gives people a sense of well-being and happiness.  Hygge is that sense of well-being and comfort that comes from drinking hot chocolate with a community of chocolate lovers. Drinking hot chocolate tops the list of how to create that feeling of comfort and a safe place – the ultimate Hygge experience.This experience is all about atmosphere and warmth and wellbeing. Enjoying simple pleasures in life.


What we will do:


You will  create your very own hot chocolate. Simple and small pleasures are often the best.

You will Use toppings and creativity to make it unique, special and personal – as hedonistic as you can.

Relax in an hygge environment, with music and chocolate and focus our attention on warmth and well being

We taste amazing  chocolate from the Age of Discovery to the modern day – and learn about chocolate path and how its a metaphor for how we live our life. How chocolate has shaped and influenced the modern world.


This is a chocolate tasting and hot chocolate making event designed to build self confidence and self esteem, and relieve stress and anxiety.  


Award-winning Experiences

Melt’s experiences have been awarded over 800  5 star reviews.  In this experience we use chocolate to open our hearts. We have done all the research and study – so you don’t have to. While exploring some of the best single origin  chocolates in the world – you will discover how chocolate has been changed by modern society – from a beautiful spiritual and nutrious ingredient to a confectionery and sweet. We want you to understand Chocolate in the same way that an Aztec. This will reestablish a connection to our ancient roots.


Stress busting Hot Chocolate and Hygge


The anti-anxiety  and morale boosting properties of chocolate has been well known by warriors and the military for millenia. There are many of examples of soldiers, after a really tough and stressful day, eating a chocolate bar and the world becoming beautiful again.


If it works for the military then it should work for us as an antidote to urban or city life. The military has known that chocolate gives a boost morale since its very “discovery” by the Spanish in the 16th Century.  In WWII the US Army shipped and flew 100s of tons of chocolate – along with precious fuel and ammunition to help their soldiers deal with very high levels of stress and anxiety.


Comfort Chocolate

This hot chocolate experience is a perfect metaphor for modern  life. We have evolved over millions of years but modern life seems to conflict with these natural instincts. Modern society focus has shifted forcing us to become passive consumers. This creates alot of stress and anxiety and dulls our natural senses and instincts. Our Chocolate path – confronts these anxieties and attempts to find a way to resolve them. We use molten chocolate to open the heart and find answers to these questions. 




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