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Ben's biscuits

My youngest son Ben, makes superb chocolate chip cookies. Perfect for weekend baking and teatime with friends.

Chocolate Cake with Mascarpone and White Chocolate Topping

The topping for this dark chocolate cake is a very firm favourite in Louise's family. It has topped and filled many, many cakes, particularly birthday cakes, often decorated with a toy animal or two. If you add a little milk or dark chocolate to the mix you can create a 'muddy field' with a horse galloping across. Double the quantities for the topping if you want to make a large cake, or if you wish to fill and top it.

Chocolate Sauce

This incredibly simple recipe is a ganache - the starting point to so many of our fresh chocolates. Made to a thin consistency and used warm, this makes the most brilliant, delicious and quick sauce for ice cream. An easy one for the kids to master.

Cocoa Nib + Almond Super Smoothie

This Super Smoothie is healthy, filling and delicious. Fabulously easy and quick, turn to this smoothie for filling the hungry gap between breakfast and lunch or the afternoon energy dip. The cocoa nibs and almonds make this a super healthy chocolate drink. I use the American/Australian weighing system of cups, which is particularly useful for measuring out nibs and nuts.

Dark Chocolate and Beetroot Cake

This divine Recipe is not dissimilar in theory to the well established carrot cake. The beetroot adds texture and moisture rather than any dissectible flavour. The version includes a thick, dark chocolate topping. This hard shell contrasts very well with the soft, moist cake,but for speed this is the optional and the cake can instead be served warm from the oven. For the topping, I like to use a smoky, earthy, single estate dark chocolate from Sao Tome, an island off the west coast of Africa, which is a chocolate we stock at Melt. Alternatively, use a dark chocolate with at least 60% cocoa solids.

Marvellous Meringues

Meringues are brilliantly easy. It's a fun recipe for the kids and meringues are practical too - make them ahead of time and store them in an airtight container. Perfect for a spontaneous dessert for hungry guests! These meringues are seasoned gently with cocoa powder, giving a little chocolate sparkle.

Melt Chocolate Brownie

Melt's Brownie has the perfect soft, fudge interior and a lightly cracked, drier top. A classic brownie recipe that has been one of our Bestsellers for years!

Pink Pavlova

A pavlova never fails to seduce, the pinky hues of the rhubarb and raspberry make it as pretty as a blushing bride. Pavlovas look most impressive when they're large, perfect for a party.