Make your own Praline Chocolates

Guided by our world-class chocolatiers, a unique experience in London and a new skill to acquire. With lots of single origins chocolates to taste in a beautiful Notting Hill boutique. As master chocolatiers, Melt will guide you through each of the intimate steps of our secret recipe. This is a hands-on experience - and we will help you make your own personal chocolates. Firstly, you will make the filling by blending delicious hazelnut praline with milk and dark chocolate, salt and feuilletine for texture and crunch. Secondly, you will leave the frame to crystallize and then while it sets you will go through an informative chocolate tasting experience. You will have the opportunity to taste some of the best chocolates in the world. You will next cut the frame of salted squares by hand - and the chocolatier will then guide you through the tempering process. Fourthly, you will hand dip your chocolates and top them with any of your unique and creative decorations. You will then package and present your own box of personal chocolates to take home and show your friends and family. Melt believes there is no experience like this in London - the chance to make your very own fresh chocolates and take home to share with your friends.

No prior knowledge is required - just a thirst for knowledge, curiosity and enthusiasm.

Course Details

  • Length: 1.5 Hours
  • Price: £54.99 per person / Prebook Daily between 10am -4pm
  • Location: 59 Ledbury Road, Notting Hill, London W11 2AA.



  • Bean-to-Bar Introduction
  • Story of Chocolate
  • Tasting
  • Making Pralines Bonbons and Truffles
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Make your own amazing chocolate in Notting Hill

Location: 59 Ledbury Road, London. W11 2AA. Notting Hill Station. Creating an amazing chocolate bar from a cocoa bean is a wonderful, wonderful process. Melt's team of top chefs will guide you through this magical transformation, every step of the way, all in the heart of Notting Hill. You will sort the cocoa beans and then roast them. We will then crack and winnow them. With a pestle and mortar, we will grind the chocolate beans until they are fine. You will taste the chocolate at each stage to see how the flavours of the chocolate changes and develops over time. This journey releases different flavours notes which can be very dramatic. The next stage is really beautiful - think of a diamond - one of the hardest substances known to man - but transparent. Light shines through it. This is because the carbon structures are completely aligned - it is the same with chocolate, tempering aligns the crystal structures to a similar pattern and uniformity. Once tempered - you will pipe or mould the chocolate into your very own beautiful bar. You will then take your own unique Chocolate bar home with Melt's beautiful packaging and a designer bag. An authentic experience from the Heart of Holland Park. Melt will interweave the history of chocolate - so you see how the Aztecs created such beautiful cocoa. A unique experience in the heart of Holland Park, London. Enjoy tasting different chocolate origins and percentages of chocolate and a brief walk through the source of where cocoa comes from. Work alongside the world class chocolatiers at Melt teaching and guiding you through the chocolate making process. Our chocolatiers are described by clients as “ warm, fun and super knowledgable”. “Educational and relaxing - we laughed a lot”. “Absolutely fantastic” Get your teenagers off their phones and the digital world and instead slow down, and become hands on with tempered chocolate, make your own finger bars choosing from a variety of different textural toppings to make it you own,- including cornflake clusters, and learn how to pipe sea salt discs. Ideal for Teenagers. All our chocolates are Handmade at the heart of Notting Hill and Holland Park by Melt Chocolates, London's Most Luxurious Chocolate Company. Making Chocolate Great Again at London's Most Luxurious Chocolate Course Participants take home, 3 45g bars hand wrapped.