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Single Origin Chocolates – All You Need to Know

March 16th, 2021

Are you a chocolate lover like us? Do you like blended or single origin chocolates? Or would you rather prefer Lindt or Kinder?

Well, our guess is that you select chocolates based on its brand which means you’re likely to go for Lindt, Kinder or other brands that fulfil your chocolate cravings!

It is, indeed, true that many people don’t really know much about chocolates beyond the popular brands. However, being a chocolate aficionado, you should at least know whether you’re eating single origin or blended chocolate bars.

At Melt, our chocolatiers have put together everything you need to know about the best single origin chocolates so that you know what you’re paying for.

Let’s dive in!

Single Origin Chocolates – What Are They?

While they may sound fancy, single origin chocolates are nothing but sweet treats made using just one type of cocoa bean that’s grown in a specific region.

Melt's delicious signle origin chocolate discs

Put simply, instead of blending a variety of cocoa beans, these chocolates allow the delicate, nuanced notes of a single bean to shine through while ensuring they’re incredibly unique in taste.

What’s more, although blended chocolates are equally delicious, we believe that you should taste these single origin sweet treats at least once in your life!

What Ingredients Are Used in Single Origin Chocolates?

Single origin chocolate bars are typically made using 3 ingredients – cane sugar, cocoa beans and extra cocoa butter to give the chocolates a creamier texture.

Here’s a complete breakdown of the ingredients:

Cane Sugar

Usually sourced very carefully like cocoa beans, cane sugar helps balance the natural bitterness of cocoa. What’s more, the amount of cane sugar used also helps determine the sweetness of the chocolates.

Cocoa Beans

Also known as cacao beans, these are available in three types – Forastero, Criollo and, a hybrid of these two, Trinitario.

Cocoa beans placed on a brown, wodden table

These cocoa beans contain natural fat called cocoa solids and cocoa butter, which is why they’re not only considered to be the heart of chocolates but also the driving force behind their flavour.

Cocoa Butter

Some chocolatiers prefer adding extra cocoa butter to their chocolates, as it gives the bar a smooth, creamy texture. While some chocolate-making companies make cocoa butter from scratch, some source it from other producers; but either way, it helps create silky-smooth, melt-in-your-mouth sweet treats.

What Are the Different Types of Single Origin Chocolates?

When it comes to chocolates made from single origin cocoa beans, they’re mostly available in 3 types – dark, milk and white chocolate.

Here are some of the best single origin chocolate available at Melt!

Single Origin Dark Chocolate

Many dark chocolate lovers often feel that the ones available in the supermarket don’t quite fulfil their carvings.

Melt's 100% Dark Mini Chocolate Bar

However, our 100% Dark Mini Chocolate Bar allows you to explore the intense richness and bitterness of the cocoa bean. While its strong, bold favour makes you pull a face at first, it later fades into an afterburn of pure chocolate.

If 100% dark chocolate isn’t your thing, why not indulge in the complex flavours of our 85% Solomon Islands Dark Bar?

This dark chocolate has unique flavours that remind you of the breathtaking tropical islands in the Philippines – think of pristine, aquamarine waters and volcanic soil creating dark, sultry chocolate with hints of honey and citrus notes.

Browse through our website for more unique flavoured dark chocolates and place your order today!

Single Origin Milk Chocolate

A much sweeter option, single origin milk chocolates capture the sweeter notes of cocoa beans rather than its bitter taste.

Melt's best single origin milk chocolates

That said, at Melt, our 35% single origin milk chocolate is a silky and satisfying milk sweet treat. A pure bliss, the cocoa beans used in this chocolate is sourced from Papua New Guinea which not only gives it a sweet, creamy taste but also makes it a chocolate worth tasting.

Single Origin White Chocolate

Although some of you might ask if it really constitutes as chocolate, at Melt’s we believe that white chocolates also deserve the same amount of importance as milk and dark chocolates.

Whilst these don’t contain cocoa powder in them, white chocolates are made using cocoa butter extracted from cocoa beans. Moreover, it’s the cocoa butter that gives single origin white chocolates a creamy and smooth texture.

If you haven’t tasted white chocolate before, then we’d highly recommend you to give it a try; we’re sure you’ll absolutely love it!

Order from Melt – Your One Stop Shop for Single Origin Chocolates

Chocolates made from single origin cocoa beans aren’t just delicious; they’re also ethical and eco-friendly.

At Melt Chocolates, we aim to offer sweet treats that are good for both you and our planet. We create chocolates using the best ingredients and ensure that they’re sourced from various producers across the globe.

Additionally, we use cocoa beans only from producers with strong credentials for supporting both the environment and the local community.

Visit our website and place your order at Melt today to indulge in some of the best luxury chocolates that are not only delicious but also made of eco-friendly ingredients.



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