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Valentines Day Chocolates: How They Became the Love Food

February 1st, 2022

Few things are incomplete when separated; chocolate and Valentine’s Day are a perfect duo for making the celebration more profound. 

The giving and receiving of Valentines Day chocolates have become one of the most common yet important ways to commemorate the day of romance and love. While the practice needs to be done without any questions, everyone needs to know why chocolate is important on Valentine’s Day. 

There is an allure to chocolate that, in essence, is exotically romantic, something that doesn’t need a history check to prove that chocolate is the love food. When paired with the quality provided by Melt, you’re bound to experience something out of this world! 

However, the traditional importance of chocolate does exist, and we’re here to tell you all about it! 

Let’s get started! 

The Origin of the Traditional Exchange

Melt's Valentine Heart.

The evergreen connection between chocolate and love has come from far ago; a tradition that has become an essential part of Valentine’s Day! Have you ever wondered how this connection developed? 

The history of Valentine’s Day ropes back to the Roman era, but the addition of chocolate as the staple of the day is rather novel. 

Likely, it might just be one of the most brilliant marketing strategies of the genius Richard Cadbury of the 19th century (known and famous because of his success to this day). In the nineteenth century, his British family manufactured chocolates while looking for ways to utilise cocoa butter extracted while making chocolate liquor. 

That rang a bell in Richard Cadbury’s mind to figure out a way to make chocolate bars that tasted good while being economical. This enabled the availability of chocolate to everyone and not just the elite class because they could afford it. 

The immediate step he took was to create beautiful packaging, boxes with Cupid and roses, which were very popular during the Victorian days and symbolised romance. 

A tiny turn of events like this made a lot of difference; chocolates became palatable and commercial, thus sold like hotcakes. The famous heart-shaped box was first created by Cadbury, changing Valentine’s Day forever for the generations of lovers to come.

Valentines Day Chocolates are the Love Food 

Valentines Day Chocolates; a couple opening a box of chocolates.

With so many dynamic changes and new trends, there must be something about chocolates that even today, it is a popular tradition to give your beloved valentines day chocolates. It’s a century-old tradition where even boxes of chocolates are kept as memory keepsakes. 

There are several reasons why chocolates are linked with Valentine’s, and we’ve listed some of them below! 

1. Chocolate is Aphrodisiac 

A woman piggybacking on her man.

This delicacy has been considered an aphrodisiac since the Aztecs. It is said to have elements that fuel desire and make your partner more open to romance. 

In olden times, this led to European royalty giving their love interests chocolate mixed with amber to stimulate their love. Moreover, chocolate is said to release brain soothing chemicals, which increases energy and desire levels.

2. Good for Health 

Valentines Day Chocolates; Melt's Sugar-Free Library Box.

Chocolates, especially dark, are very good for your health. It contains chemicals that minimise the risk of cancer and heart diseases. 

It has antioxidants and flavonoids, which can fight against radicals in your body. This leads to lowering the blood pressure while improving the blood flow. 

It’s good for the heart, skin and brain!

Place Your Luxurious Valentines Chocolate Order at Melt 

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