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Melt loves vegan products because they are super healthy. Chocolate is naturally vegan - being all plant-based, from bean to bar. We are also plastic free in our packaging. Customers describe our vegan chocolate box as "sublime" and "unbelievable". We hope you agree with us. Melt's focus on Vegan chocolate, its plastic-free packaging and our reduction of food miles, by basing our kitchens in our shops - means we are minimizing our footprint on our earth.

Melt's vegan chocolate box is sublime and handmade from the heart of Notting Hill

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Vegan Gift Box

Melt's Vegan chocolate gift box, handmade in the heart of Notting Hill. Vegan chocolate can still be delicious!! In Melt we really care about our planet and we use plastic-free packaging. We also want to look after and bring happiness to those based on plant-based living. You deserve it! Our Vegan chocolates include our Praline cup, dark chocolate truffle and berry & almond truffle. Sublime chocolates handmade from the heart of Notting Hill. These chocolates are fresh! The shelf life of this product is 12 days.

100% Bold Dark Bar

Whether it's a macho thing, or whether people really want the full-on chocolate experience without any distractions - 100% is very popular. Without the interference of sugar, this chocolate is bold and strong and purple-brown in colour. An intense bitterness grabs the senses at first, possibly making you pull a face, then this fades into an afterburn of pure chocolate... Don't be shy...live life; it's always worth trying real chocolate.

Dark Sea Salt Drip Easter Egg

Sublime dark chocolate easter egg with dark chocolate drips and filled with sea salt discs. Entirely vegan and presented in a navy blue smart gift box.

Wild Bar

Melt goes wild with this exciting dark chocolate bar. The rare organic beans are harvested from wild cocoa trees in Bolivia, this chocolate is not rough or untamed, but smooth, sweet and soft. This chocolate will give you a long, clean finish.

Mint Bar

Fresh and sophisticated, dark chocolate and mint has always been an elegant combination. With the addition of natural, perfectly seasoned cocoa nib, this bar also has the perfect texture of crunchy crystallised mint. Excellent for giving your mouth that exquisite tingling freshness in the evening and after dinner. Think peppermint freshness, ice, clear intensity...

85% Ecuador Dark Bar

Rich and robust dark single origin chocolate from Ecuador and has a high cocoa content, 85%. This fine chocolate is made from ethically sourced cocoa beans, and entirely produced in it's country of origin. Produced in small batches from the Manabi region of Ecuador.

Orange Dark Bar

Classic & sophisticated dark chocolate bar with a smattering of candied orange, the dark chocolate is 66% min cocoa.


Dark fruits of the forest are mixed with bittersweet chocolate. Packed with anti-oxidants from blackcurrants, quinoa and high cocoa dark chocolate., this bar seeks to protect the mind, the heart and to fight ageing.

Sea Salt Dark Bar

Salt & Chocolate ? You bet! So many of our lovely customers asked us to make a dark chocolate seasoned with salt. FYI our milk chocolate and sea salt is our No.1 best selling bar. We hope you enjoy this version too! Totally vegan too. Plastic-free packaging as we care about the largest garden in the world - our oceans.

Sugar Free Dark Bar

Ahhh, chocolate satisfaction without the sugar to contend with. When refined sugar needs to be omitted then this is the bar for you. A full on chocolate hit.

85% Solomon Islands Dark Bar

We have recently launched this stunning Dark chocolate bar, with a high 85% cocoa content. This single origin bar is made with rich, flavourful chocolate from the Solomon Islands. The Solomon Islands are a chain of volcanic islands in the southwestern Pacific Ocean, known for their beauty and friendly, laid-back character. This beautiful chocolate is warm and giving in character - it exudes comforting notes of toffee, molasses, spice and raisin.

Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Slab

One of the most popular chocolates at Melt. A rich, satisfying chocolate experience and roasted hazelnut . It’s hard to say no.

Salted Praline

Part of the infamous Sea-Salted range, an intense yet perfectly balanced combination of hazelnuts, flakes of Maldon Sea Salt and dark chocolate with deep red berry notes. Another favourite among Melt customers, never left behind at the end of the box - we recommend you take two to avoid arguments! These chocolates are fresh! The shelf life of this product is 3 months.

Dairy Free Truffle

This divine truffle is made of a smooth and rich ganache, which perfectly captures the beautiful fragrant dark chocolate, delivered without the dairy.

Orange Slices - dipped in dark chocolate

Soft, citrusy confit orange slices are decoratively dipped in 70% dark chocolate and seasoned with cardamon and cocoa nibs. Excellent for after dinner or a special gift. Presented in a chic Melt gift box.


Delicious candied orange peels covered in 70% dark chocolate. A very addictive treat!

Ginger Sticks

Candied ginger sticks encased with 70% dark chocolate.

Dark Sea Salt Discs

Thin discs of dark chocolate lightly sprinkled with flakes of sea salt.. like delicate snowflakes. Light saltiness compliments the dark chocolate and brings out a new kind of flavour sensation!

Spicy Smart Belly Buttons

Dark Chocolate Buttons with spicy ginger and cayenne, Handmade in our Notting Hill and Holland Park kitchens.

Dairy Free Gift Box - 90gr Bars

Cicero stated that all we need for happiness is a "library and a garden".  Melt has combined these two ideas into our chocolate library. A delicious collection of chocolate bars from a tropical paradise garden. For those who care about the environment we have no plastic packaging, so we can look after our planet. For those that have chosen the option of a plant-based living, Melt wants to dedicate a vegan chocolate library that will not leave you disappointed. You will find in each bar distinctive flavors coming from Bolivia, Solomon Islands..or for those who are more traditional will find orange or mint flavors. Let your palette discover this new set of bars...we can assure you, you will come back for more! Bar Collection: - Dark Chocolate with Mint - Dark Chocolate 68% from Bolivia - Dark Chocolate Sea Salt - Dark Chocolate 85% from Solomon Islands - Dark Chocolate Sugar Free - Dark Chocolate with Candied Orange

Dark Chocolate with Mint

A refreshing, elegant taste. Perfect for livening the palette or an evening treat. Crystallised mint for texture and a touch of refreshing mint oil make the perfect recipe.

Dark Hot Chocolate

Create a rich, satisfying hot chocolate with these fine chocolate buttonettes using milk or cream. Be creative and season with vanilla or cinnamon sugar. To make the perfect hot chocolate drink, heat 200ml of milk in a pan. Add 3 tablespoons of chocolate buttonettes and whisk until melted. Pour into your favourite cup.

Four Dark Hot Chocolate Blocks

Hot Chocolate blocks are a brilliant and fun way to make Hot Chocolate. 4 blocks to stir into hot milk or cream to make a delicious, warming hot chocolate. Perfect for all hot chocolate lovers and especially fun for children.4 blocks to stir into hot milk or cream to make a delicious, warming hot chocolate. Perfect for all hot chocolate lovers and especially fun for children. Can you survive the "no lick" test!.

Melt Hot Chocolate Block Duo - Dark chocolate

The ever popular Melt Hot chocolate Blocks. Melt into hot cream or milk for the most satisfying hot chocolate drink.

Berry & Almond

Frutty centre with a smooth almond ganache enrobed in 70% dark chocolate. I am Vegan! These chocolates are fresh! The shelf life of this product is 8 days.