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Our Top 3 Delicious White Chocolate and Fruit Pairings

January 4th, 2022

Chocolate is one of the most versatile ingredients out there; with the intricacies that go into extracting it, it is also one of the finest luxuries suitable for all ages. 

When served with creative pairings, it can be remarkable.. 

Melt Chocolates, along with putting their customers’ gourmet chocolate cravings to rest, highly encourages these experiments and that is what has brought our experts to create today’s blog. 

If you’re looking for a little inspiration for a new culinary pursuit and want to understand why white chocolate goes well with fruit, we have created a list of delicious white chocolate and fruit pairing for you to indulge in. 

Without further ado, let’s dive right in! 

Why do White Chocolate and Fruit Go So Well?

white chocolate and fruit pairing; chocolate-covered strawberries.

White chocolate is similar to a blank canvas in the chocolate world. You can pair this ingredient with anything because it doesn’t contain any cocoa solids and the flavour is less dominating than milk or dark chocolate. 

In no way are we suggesting that the taste of white chocolate is bland, it has high cocoa butter content that gives the taste a nuanced flavour, for a delicate taste that no other kind of chocolate has.  

Since the rich deep flavours of cocoa are absent in white chocolate, it has ample space for versatility. Its creamy texture is perfect for pairings with a variety of fruits. 

Let’s look at some irresistible white chocolate and fruit pairing. 

1. Lemon and White Chocolate

white chocolate and fruit pairing; chocolate placed next to lemon slices.

White chocolate has a creamy yet gentle sweetness in its texture and taste; something that is perfect when paired with a citrus tang. 

It is a perfect pairing for when you crave a bite of sweet and sour; a refreshing summer’s day dessert to make your culinary afternoons better. Try making the classic pavlova, with a garnish of lemon curd and grated flakes of white chocolate. 

Better yet, if you wish to keep it simple, make your chocolate truffles with a dash of lemon juice and complete the dish by sprinkling lemon zest into the mixture.  

2. Raspberry and White Chocolate 

chocolate cups with raspberry filling.

Raspberry brings tang to the sweet chocolate – proving all the reasons for making this pair popular! 

The tartness of raspberry is tempered when mixed with the creaminess of white chocolate, without disturbing the sweet flavour. 

Try making a classic raspberry and white chocolate cheesecake that combines the creamy/tangy flavour of mascarpone against the tartness of raspberry brought all together with the subtle sweetness of white chocolate. Its flavours are truly magical, bursting all at once when you take a bite. 

On another note, if you prefer something simpler, try making raspberries drizzled with melted white chocolate and dipped in the double cream. The indulgence is truly in its simplicity.

3. Passion Fruit and White Chocolate 

white chocolate and fruit pairing; a white chocolate dish with passion fruit on the side.

Passion fruit brings tropical taste to all the recipes you use it in. However, when eaten alone, it has a sour flavour. 

This brings us to another marvellous white chocolate and fruit pairing; combining passion fruit with white chocolate can help tame the sourness of the fruit without masking its delicate flavours. 

A simple recipe is a white chocolate mousse topped with the pulp of fresh passion fruit, which results in an easy but delicious dessert for you to indulge in. 

Order From Melt Chocolates For Fun Chocolate Pairings 

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In this process, you should spoil yourself with our wide range of gourmet chocolates, because let’s face it – you’ve earned it! 

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