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Why New Year Corporate Gifts Is a Good Idea

January 6th, 2021

If you are a marketing or SEO agency that missed out on sending annual Christmas gifts, a business looking to recognise employees for their hard work or simply a company looking to maintain good relationships – make a good impression with Melt’s New Year corporate gifts in 2021! 

Many of us often find ourselves busy at the end of the year, however, it’s time to redeem ourselves and get in the good books with all our business relationships.

Rest assured there’s still time to board the goodwill train and kick off 2021 armed with business gifts!

Let’s take a look at why New Year’s corporate gifts are good for your business.

1. Better Visibility and Impact

Gift-giving in January is extremely prominent, meaning your gesture is more apparent and noticeable when compared to the chaotic holiday pace of December. Your gift will stand out from the crowd, not having to share its spotlight amongst the usual gift giving.

Corporate gifts in the new year act as ambassadors not just for your business but also for your values and ethos. Gift-giving in the new year is an excellent gesture and people are more likely to remember and cherish it.

At Melt, we have the perfect chocolate gifts that your clients, employees and stakeholders will love so, visit our website today!

2. Improve Your Brand Image

With Melt Chocolates, you can polish your brand image with our bespoke corporate collaborations to offer VIP tastings (either virtual, or in person once we’re out of lockdown), goody bags and our signature chocolate creations that are unique to your brand. While you can always resort to the usual corporate gifts like mugs, vouchers and accessories, the gift of luxury chocolates will set your brand apart and add an element of class.

Partner with Melt to amaze your clients and customers with handmade gourmet chocolates and seal the deal for future business opportunities.

3. Set Expectations Early On

Gifting presents in January fulfils two important purposes – firstly, it shows that you are thankful for all the hard work, effort and support you have received in the past year from all your commercial partners and employees. It reinforces that you’ve noticed and appreciate it all.

Secondly, with corporate gifts you can set expectations early on for the coming year to accomplish your business goals. The dual objective here is a smart business move as the timing is perfect – it’s close enough to the end of the year holiday season which makes it appropriate as an extended Christmas/New Year present.

Additionally, it’s early enough to reinforce and establish a positive mindset for the year ahead.

4. A Wider Range of Corporate Gift Options

With Christmas behind you, you won’t be tied to sticking to a seasonal theme, which opens a lot of doors for you with better and more choices. This means when going through our luxury chocolate gift range, you don’t have to choose only themed Christmas goodies. We have gourmet chocolate hampers and baskets that include the best of what Melt has to offer available all year round.

It is also to be noted that everyone, almost universally, identifies with New Year, while the same cannot be said for Christmas. This puts a whole new perspective to new year gift-giving from a business point of view.

Order Your New Year Corporate Gifts from Melt Today

With more than a decade of experience in chocolate-making, at Melt we deliver “heaven in the post”. Our gourmet chocolates make for the perfect gift especially when you want to impress your valuable clients and customers.

If you are wondering whether it’s too late to send corporate gifts, then rest assured and remember that there’s never a bad time to make a good impression!

Take your pick from our very extensive collection of gourmet chocolates today!



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