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Your Guide On How To Eat Chocolates

May 25th, 2021

When we think about chocolate, we think about being comforted by an old friend. We feel good about the idea of relishing a delicious bar of chocolate as the silky sweetness teases our taste buds and satisfies our sweet cravings. The very thought of a beautifully wrapped luxurious chocolate hamper is enough to bring joy.

When something so simple has the power to impact our emotions so drastically, it only makes sense that we do justice to it and eat it correctly. You’ll be surprised to find out how many of us are missing out on enjoying chocolate in the best way.

Yes, you read that right, there is a wrong way to eat chocolate.

If you are a self appointed chocolate lover, it only makes sense for you to pay close attention to the next few points. Although we all choose to enjoy our favourite snacks in our way, we assure you it will help you make the most of your chocolate eating experience.

The expert chocolatiers at Melt bring to you detailed insights on how to savour the many flavour profiles of chocolate just right!

Without further ado, let’s take a look!

1. You Need Not Store Chocolate in the Fridge

Since being refrigerated has next to no impact on prolonging your chocolate’s shelf life, it’s pointless to condemn it to the confines of your fridge. Also, being hardened from the cold hinders your chocolate eating experience by making it unnecessarily time consuming. So, when decoding the mystery of how to eat chocolates right, this is the best place to start.

2. Before Eating, Rub the Chocolate Just a Tiny Bit

While this may sound strange, to amplify the flavour of your delicious chocolate bar or block, press your thumb gently to it before popping it into your mouth. According to our luxury chocolate boutique, this helps soften the chocolate which in turn releases more of its rich natural aromas.

This brings us to…

3. Smell Your Chocolate First

For a fulfilling chocolate eating experience, it’s important to engage all your senses. To add to your anticipation, it is important to smell and look at your chocolate before biting into it. This way, you are aware of what’s to come as you ready yourself for all the flavours that’ll explode on your tongue.

Chocolate Beans next to a Cocoa Pod

Smelling your chocolate is a lot like smelling wine. The bouquet of flavours hits you deliciously, preparing you for when you actually take a bite. This bouquet of flavours can be a mix of cocoa, caramel, hazelnut, milk or coffee. Basically, you sensitise yourself to all the prominent ingredients that make up your chocolate.

So next time you eat a chocolate, take a deep breath and see what it smells like. Continue doing so till you single out other hidden flavour profiles in the mix.

4. Break Your Chocolate Before You Eat It

There are so many ways of eating your chocolate wrong and one of the more prominent injustices that you can inflict on yourself (and your chocolate) is not breaking it before you eat it.

The chocolatiers at Melt recommend snapping your chocolate bar or breaking your chocolate blocks into pieces before you feast on it. The snapping sound gives you a better understanding of the amount of cocoa butter used while also helping you to assess the quality of tempering at a granular level.

Plus, the satisfying snap you hear is worth it.

5. Avoid Stuffing Chocolate in Your Mouth in One Go

Another key tip to making the most of your chocolate is to avoid having your mouth fully stuffed. Our favourite way is to take a small bite first and prepare your taste buds for the explosion of flavours that’s to come. Once you do that, ease into it as you take bites that are gradually bigger than your first one.

6. Refrain from Chewing Your Chocolate

A woman relishing Melt's dark chocolate hazelnut slab

Chocolate isn’t meant to be chewed. Unless you have fruits and nuts and other ingredients added to it, that’s fine, but chocolate isn’t meant to be munched on. The next time you bite into a rich, toothsome chocolate bar, press it to the roof of your mouth and slowly swallow the flavours as it melts in your mouth.

This not only prolongs the time you spend relishing your chocolate but also helps you make the most of the various hidden hints of flavour profiles.

7. Avoid Mixing Different Chocolates

How to eat chocolates right; cocoa butter, chocolate shavings and discs kept in different bowls with tags on

There are so many kinds of chocolates out there and each one of them deserves to be enjoyed individually. It is therefore not a good idea to mix several different flavours at one go as it will take away from your experience of enjoying one dominant flavour after the other. If you must, it is best to stick to a maximum of three varieties at a time to make the most of your indulgence.

Be sure to keep palate cleansers ready as you experiment with different flavours and ingredients.

8. Don’t Wash Away the Flavour Too Quickly

It is recommended that you not drink or sip or anything right after you eat chocolate. Once you’ve eaten, wait to find out how long the flavour stays in your mouth. If you wash down your chocolate with a big gulp of water, you’re stealing a good few minutes from your chocolate delectation time. Now that would be a shame.

Enjoy Melt Chocolates the Right Way!

Add to your chocolate eating experience with our extensive collection of delicious luxury chocolates. Be it dark or white, our assortment of chocolate flavours has unique ingredients and flavour profiles, waiting to be explored.

To learn more about chocolate making and tasting, sign up for our virtual class right here!

Meanwhile, to enjoy chocolates to your heart’s content, place your order for our mouth-watering chocolate hampers today!



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